Margot Robbie & Tom Ackerley Are Officially Married!

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Margot Robbie, also known as one of the hottest actresses of the moment, is a married woman! There have been reports going around that Margot and her longtime love Tom Ackerley were married in Australia over the weekend but nothing had been officially confirmed just yet.

Margot took to Instagram though and made a statement.

Well Margot, that is one way to silence everyone and make a damn statement!

The couple met back in 2013 and Margot had been very open about their relationship. It has been no secret the the two have been together and are very in love.

Congrats to the happy couple!

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Margot Robbie & The Weeknd Will Appear On ‘Saturday Night Live’ Season Premiere

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Margot Robbie just isn’t fair. Yes, I am saying that her being a real life person isn’t fair. Want to know why? Not only is Margot one of the most beautiful women in the world, she is a great actress, and she is actually really funny. Pick one Margot! It’s not fair if you are both funny and stunning.

Well, Margot is going to be hosting ‘Saturday Night Live’ on October 1st, and the show will be celebrating it’s 42 year on television.

Margot is going to absolutely kill it as a host, that is something I am sure of. Watch any of her interviews and you’ll see how funny she is.

To add to it, The Weeknd, who is coming out with an album soon will be the music guest. I mean this lineup of performer and host is pretty stacked if you ask me.

So tune in October 1st, should be a great show!

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Chris Evans, Margot Robbie, & More Star In The Latest Edition Of “Mean Tweets”

The “Mean Tweets” segment on Jimmy Kimmel absolutely kills me, it always has. I am surprised that one of my tweets hasn’t been up there yet.

There are a lot of people that really hate this segment because they think it is mean, well guess what? Twitter is a mean place! If you can’t handle the heat get out of the social media.

For the record, the one they had Margot Robbie read was not mean, it was straight up disgusting. I kind of hate that they made her read that one when there were probably actual mean ones out there.

The Paul Rudd one was my favorite. There you have it!

Check it out!

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Learn Australian Slang With Margot Robbie

I am slowly becoming obsessed with Margot Robbie and I think the rest of the world is too. See she is actually a believable down to earth person. She isn’t like other actresses who claim to drink beer and be a normal person (looking at you Jennifer Lawrence), I actually believe that she does those things.

She took time out with Vanity Fair magazine to teach us some Australian slang and all that I can say is, thank you. I never knew how badly I needed Australian slang in my life. I could listen to Margot talk all day. Okay, I am getting weird, I know. Australian accents are just the best.

Margot Robbie is America’s sweetheart, and she is Australian, so what does that say about us Americans?

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Listen To Margot Robbie Talk About Her 24 Hour Party

So before I get into talking about Margot’s 24th birthday that lasted for 24 hours, can we talk about how beautiful she is? I mean seriously, absolutely flawless. Her accent just makes it better.

Now on to the party. Do you think you’d be able to party for 24 hours? I like to think I would be, I like to think that if I had enough alcohol in my system that I would be able to just power through but I know I would need at least a nap. A little half hour nap to get me through, it sounds like they just kept going though.

Let’s be real, there had to have been drugs involved right? I am not saying that there was, Margot I know you’re probably reading so don’t get upset. I just think I would need some sort of drug to keep me awake and going for 24 hours.

On another note, you’re aware that Margot is going to rule Hollywood within the next four years right? She is seriously an incredible actress and I am glad that she is getting recognition for her acting.

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Top Ten Best Dressed Women Of The 2015 Oscars!

Tonight there has been a lot of hype over the red carpet and for good reason! The Oscars are the Super Bowl of fashion and I think we can all agree that I know nothing about fashion. For the Grammys’ I tried really hard to put my fashion knowledge to what I liked and what I didn’t It was very clear that I didn’t know what I was talking about. So I called in two fashion experts to help me out!

Let me introduce my guest bloggers @emilyyfrancesca & @Hannahhhdoll ! These two girls know fashion and I am proud to call them friends as well! Their first comment of the night “winter whites/Ice Blue, pinks and Reds are the trend of the carpet tonight! A lot of texture so far too!”

So let’s get this show on the road! Here are the best dressed at the 2015 Oscars!

10. Jennifer Hudson

jennifer hudson oscars 2015 01

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Emily & Hannah: In Romona Keveza This yellow against her skin tone is phenomenal.  The silhouette is perfection and that skinny gold belt ties everything together. Those emerald earrings? Gorgeous.

Willi: I think she looks great! Her hair looks great, her dress fits her body perfect! Fat Jennifer Hudson from those Weight Watchers commercials would be so proud of this version of Jennifer Hudson! (See why I needed the help of Em and Han?)

9. Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen, John Legend, 2015 Academy Awards, Couples

Emily & Hannah: In Suhair Murad: One of the hottest trends of the night is this icy blue color. The girl can wear anything. Love the vampy lip with that ice blue. Most unlikely combo but it is working!

Willi: Alright, I don’t love this dress but I can respect that she is working her legs like that! Damn girl, you are killing it. Let’s be real her best accessory is her husband John Legend, I love me some John Legend.

8. Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie, 2015 Academy Awards Oscars

Emily & Hannah:  In Saint Laurent: A black dress for the red carpet? Can sometimes look a little flat BUT the shear black sleeves add dimension, not to mention that 1930’s choker she is wearing, it was originally made for a duchess but girl can rock it!

Willi:I like that she went with black, it is very different from the whole white and light blue that most people are wearing on the carpet. I think that she looks very elegant, everything is so perfect! Also I can’t wait to see her kill it in Focus.

7. Kerry Washington

kerry washington

Emily & Hannah: In Miu miu: Kerry Washington is channeling her inner Olivia Pope, for those of you who don’t know, that is her character on Scandal.  White hats on people!

Willi:I am going to agree with whatever Emily and Hannah said. I like Kerry Washington in general and I think that she always looks incredible on the red carpet. It also reminds me that every time I see a commercial for Scandal I should really start to watch it. Maybe now I will get into it!

6. Jenna Dewan Tatum

channing tatum jenna dewan oscars 2015 01

Emily & Hannah: In Zuhair Murad. This is how you do it. She is the epitome of glamour, not to mention having Channing Tatum as you man would make any girl feel beautiful! She radiates beauty and glamour in this dress.

Willi: This is the first time I have ever been like, damn Jenna! Can we talk about her eye makeup? Like damn, they look so incredible with her makeup this time around. Jenna you killing it! Can’t wait to hear about your after party dance off with Channing because it is bound to happen.

5. Jessica Chastain

jessica chastain oscars 2015 03

Emily & Hannah: In Givenchy: This looks like it was tailored to her body. We rarely see her in this navy blue but it is stunning with her red hair. The necklace is subtle and classic. Everything about this is beautiful.

Willi: They said it all. Jessica looks absolutely flawless.

4. Reese Witherspoon


Emma & Hannah:  In Tom Ford. One word, ICONIC. This is something the ladies of the old glamour era of Hollywood would wear. The black detail is perfect. Again with the snowy whites and blues.

Willi: In my opinion Reese is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood and can do no wrong. I do wish that she had some bangs or did something a bit different with her hair. She looks so glamorous though!

4. Jennifer Aniston


Emily & Hannah: In Versace: Her red carpet sexy streak continues and this dress does not disappoint! The color is perfect with her tan skin and dirty blonde hair. It’s too bad she was snubbed because this is a dress to win in! Stunning.

Willi: Can we just take a moment to remember that Jennifer Aniston is 46 years old. If I look even half as good as Jennifer Aniston I will be so happy! I love that she had some sheer material at the bottom of her dress. Again, like Reese, Jen can do no wrong in my book. I do love that she went with a more natural look for make up though!

3. Anna Kendrick

anna kendrick oscars red carpet 2015 01

Emily & Hannah: She looks stunning! The cut and style of the dress is beautiful, however the color is a little off. She has definitely started the pink trend of the night. Plus the girl is hysterical!

Willi: I totally disagree with my buddies on this one! I think that the color is perfect, the cut is perfect, everything is so perfect! Anna Kendrick is going to be around for a long time and she is going to rock every red carpet. Who would have thought that she would be the biggest thing to come out of Twilight, am I right?

2. Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana, 2015 Academy Awards Oscars

Emily & Hannah: To keep going with the pink trend, she is wearing a blush tone satin gown that is stunning against her skin. Not to mention she just had twin boys! Wonder Women!

Willi: I will literally just repeat the same thing that both Em & Hannah said. Zoe just gave birth to twins, I mean she is killing it! Good for Zoe!

1.  Rosamund Pike

rosamund pike

Emily & Hannah: In Givenchy: This is hands down the best dressed of the night! She took a major risk with the red shoe but it works perfectly! Everything from the neckline to the slit is amazing! This is her night style wise.  What a dress to win in, but we all know it’s going to Julianne Moore.

Willi: Rosamund killed it in Gone Girl, and she just slayed the red carpet. I will say that she deserves an Oscar tonight but I feel like it is already set in stone that Julianne Moore will win. Rosamund, you won the red carpet, that is almost as good, right?

Jada Pinkett Smith, stop it right now!


I have a question. Why the fuck did Will Smith need to marry this woman and have terrible off spring with her? I can’t fucking stand Jada and I don’t even really know who she is. I know that she married my main man Will and they had a few kids. Now her children, that is for a different post, I can’t stand them but Jada, look at yourself. There is no way that you actually think this hairstyle his flattering right? I mean there have been reports of Will cheating on you and you step out looking like this? I wouldn’t blame him for sleeping with someone else, you look terrifying. Stop trying to have the same haircut as your daughter!

Jada honestly though, look in the mirror, look at your choices, look at your hair. Take a deep breath and just cry. I am sure you are going through emotions since your kids are annoying as shit and your husband is possibly cheating. It will all be okay.

Honestly though isn’t she just like the mom in Mean Girls? “I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom!” no, no you are not.