Ariana Grande Sings Emotional Cover Of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” At One Love Manchester

Yesterday was of course the One Love Manchester benefit concert that Ariana  put together after the horrible terrorist acts at her concert last week.

I have been covering a lot of it but wanted to space out the posts simply because I couldn’t stop crying. Every performance was incredible and made me very emotional, so that’s enough about me and my emotions.

Watching this concert was beautiful. There was so much unity, so much love in the atmosphere and it was truly beautiful to watch.

Ariana ended the night with “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”, prepare to cry.

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Halsey, Sir Paul McCartney, & More Send Love During One Love Manchester

Before the show started, a video was shown featuring a ton of different celebrities sending their love to Manchester.

It is truly beautiful that this brought together so many people, not just celebrities but over 50 different countries were watching live, and I am sure many other countries are watching different clips on YouTube right now.

Take a moment and see all of the shout outs!

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Usher Explains Absence From One Love Manchester Benefit Concert

Yesterday was a big day for everyone involved in the One Love Manchester benefit concert. Usher was supposed to be one of the main acts but he wasn’t able to attend, but remained quiet until today.

Apparently it was Usher’s son’s first day of summer camp and it was a big day for him, so Usher didn’t want to miss it.

I mean okay, I get it.

Just kind of weird that summer camp starts on a Sunday.

Check out Usher’s posts below and let me know what you think!

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Coldplay Performs “Fix You” At One Love Manchester – Watch Here

Image result for chris martin one manchester

Know what one of the saddest songs of all time is?

The song is “Fix You” by Coldplay, definitely one of the songs that I blast when I need a good cry. You do it too, don’t judge me.

Tonight Chris Martin and the gang performed “Fix You” to the crowd in Manchester, and I am pretty sure the everyone cried.

Okay, enough rambling, I am crying, just watch the beautiful performance.

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Ariana Grande Joined The Black Eyed Peas For “Where Is The Love” At One Love Manchester

There are some songs that are absolutely timeless and “Where Is The Love” is one of those songs. The lyrics are powerful and it’s an absolute bop, so it makes it even more timeless.

Although I miss Fergie, Ariana did a great job taking her place.

Really though, I am so happy that the Black Eyed Peas were able to perform this song.

Unfortunately it is forever relevant.

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Watch Niall Horan Perform “Slow Hands” At One Love Manchester

Oh Niall Horan, you beautiful baby angel.

Tonight Niall took the stage after he explained that Ariana texted him and asked him to be a part of the One Love Manchester concert.

So Niall went up there and performed a few songs, “Slow Hands” being one of them. Just out there making us all fall in love with him.

Really though, Niall is looking like a superstar up there.

After the show, Niall took to Twitter to express how thankful he was to be a part of One Love Manchester.

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Miley Cyrus & Ariana Grande Cover “Don’t Dream It’s Over” At One Love Manchester – Watch Here

The One Love Manchester benefit concert definitely had a lot of beautiful moments, there is no denying that.

This moment between two actual friends, Miley and Ariana is probably one of my favorites on the night. It was so effortless with them singing together, and Miley seemed like she really wanted to comfort Ariana in this moment.

Not to mention that their voices sound absolutely dope together.

When the crowd sang it back? Chills, absolute chills all over.

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Robbie Williams Sings “Angels” At One Love Manchester – Watch Here

In case you don’t know who Robbie Williams is, he is a huge star all over the world except basically the United States.

He was a part of the boy band Take That and has continued to have major success as a solo artist. Robbie is in fact British so of course it makes sense that he would be involved with this concert.

Today Robbie performed his song “Strong” along with his song “Angels”.

Try not to cry, I dare you.

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Ariana Grande Closes One Love Manchester With “One Last Time” – Watch Here

I am going to do my best to post everything from the One Love Manchester benefit concert because I genuinely think that this concert was important. This concert was to remind everyone that hate never wins. Acts of terror only make us grow stronger as a community.

Today the concert was star studded and of course Ariana Grande was the main event for many people. I know that 10,000 tickets were held for those who had been at the Manchester Arena when the bomb went off, the others were all tickets that were bought.

This is the first video I have been able to watch from the concert and I am sobbing.

It is truly incredible to see Ariana be able to go out there and sing her heart out, see her fans crying, the reaction from the crowd.

From this one video you can tell that there was nothing but good vibes there today.

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Find Out Where You Can Watch Ariana Grande’s Manchester Benefit Concert In U.S.

Image result for ariana grande 2016

As most people know, Ariana Grande and her manager Scooter Braun put together a benefit concert after the terrorist attack in Manchester which happened at Ariana’s concert.

Since then they have named like Usher, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Little Mix, Coldplay, and a few others coming together today (Sunday June 4th) to put on a show.

All ticket sales are going straight to the Red Cross fund for Manchester.

How can you watch it?

Well ABC is actually going to stream the concert starting around 2:00 pm est. It will be live on Freeform, then after the NBA finals, ABC will play it.

It will also be streamed on many different radio stations online and I believe YouTube will be live streaming it.

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