Zayn Malik Shaved His Head & Got A Nose Ring!

Well Zayn Malik has pulled the most unoriginal move ever after leaving a boyband. He has shaved his gorgeous locks that everyone loved so much. Also just to prove how much of a rebel he is, he got himself a nose ring! I didn’t even know nose rings were still cool! I thought nose rings and eyebrow rings were out, looks like I was wrong though. Time to go get that shit pierced.

Maybe now Zayn can live his life as a normal 22 year old like he always wanted to! No one will notice him now that he has a shaved head. Bravo Zayn, bravo.

Hey Zayn I have news for you. Justin did it better!

One Direction’s Zayn Malik & Louis Tomlinson Caught Smoking Weed


My first question is, does anyone really care if these two are smoking weed? They aren’t Harry Styles, and when One Direction breaks up no one will even know these two. Yup, I said it! Come at me Directioners!

I will say that there is nothing more annoying than someone who smokes weed who keeps talking about smoking weed. Like we get it, you are smoking a joint, No need to keep asking how it is, keep asking if you are feeling good. Like is this your first time smoking? You are sure acting like it Louis. I wish I could take a shot for every time he said “Popo” meaning the cops too, that would be fun for me. More fun than this stupid leaked video that was probably leaked by one of the members of One Direction.

People are saying that this is going to ruin One Direction’s reputation but there is no way that is true. If Bieber still has loyal fans and One Direction will keep their fan base. I mean Britney Spears shaved her head and went literally insane in 2007 and she continued to keep an extremely loyal fan base.

After watching this video I don’t like Louis that is for sure, he is annoying as hell in this video. Bro we get it, you are smoking weed, sweet. Boring!