Courtney Love Believes She Found Missing Malaysian Plane


Courtney Love is everyone’s favorite hot mess, right? I like to think so. I mean she is kind of a piece of shit but that isn’t the point right now. Right now the point is that Courtney Love is convinced that she found the missing plane that has tragically disappeared with roughly 230 passengers on board. Thank God who have Courtney Love on the case!

ImageSo that is the picture that Courtney posted today and honestly, it looks like it could be legit, right? I mean if Courtney Love fucking found this plane, I don’t even know what to say to that. The woman who can hardly form a sentence found a plane that has been missing for about a week now?! That is just crazy talk.

Let’s be real, this is probably nothing but I bet Courtney Love is sitting there just staring at this picture knowing that she solved this whole thing. Boom, used Google maps, done and done, she knows whats up.

Seriously though, what if she is right? Stranger things have happened right?