Selena Gomez Comments On Justin Bieber’s Instagram Defending His Fans!

Say what you will about Selena Gomez but one thing is for sure, she is really good to her fans. She has been known to really spend time with them at meet and greets, and also meets with about 40 fans after each and every show, fans that her team picks from the crowd. Pretty impressive if you ask me.

When I saw that Selena commented on Justin Beiber‘s Instagram where he kind of yelled at his fans, I literally said “Oh shit” because it’s about to go down. Justin is going to get real wild on social media soon, I can feel it!

Here’s what she had to say about the situation.

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“Don’t be mad at your fans”, that is true. She could have also said, don’t be mean when they try and take photos with you, don’t cancel meet and greets when fans have spent thousands to meet you. How much longer are his delusional fans going to be around?

A singer named Madison Beer, someone who I am not familiar with at all also went off on Justin in an epic rant.

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It’s nice to see that someone else could tell that his whole apology tour was simply an act.

How much longer does Bieber have? Let me know on the Twitter or Facebook link below!

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