Jamie Lynn Spears’ Daughter Maddie Leaves The Hospital !

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Earlier this week it was reported that Jamie Lynn Spears‘ eight year old daughter Maddie was rushed to the hospital after crashing her ATV, and being submerged underwater for a few minutes.

When the accident was first reported it seemed as though things were very grim for young Maddie. Good news today though! Jamie Lynn posted a photo of herself and Maddie heading home!

Maddie has made a full recovery! Great news for the Spears family and may Maddie continue to have a full recovery.


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Britney Spears Breaks Silence On Niece Maddie’s Accident

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It was reported yesterday that Jamie Lynn Spears‘ daughter Maddie was in a serious ATV accident where she was submerged underwater for several minutes before EMTs were able to save the young girl. The good news is that reports are coming out saying that she is in stable condition but it is still very serious.

Although there isn’t much information about what exactly happened the only thing that we can hope for is that Maddie makes a full recovery.

Jamie Lynn’s father Jamie asked the world to pray for Maddie and Britney took to Instagram to ask for prayers for her young niece.

Good vibes coming from over here, hoping she makes a full recovery.

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Jamie Lynn Spears’ Daughter Maddie Seriously Injured In ATV Accident

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TMZ has reported that Jamie Lynn Spears’ daughter has been seriously injured in an ATV accident earlier today.

It is said that she was on a hunting trip and the ATV she was riding flipped which left her unconscious and underwater for a few minutes.

Sources from TMZ say that she was airlifted to the hospital and that she is considered to be in critical condition.

Jamie Lynn was not with her daughter at the time.

Sending thoughts and prayers to the family.

This story is developing at this time.

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Maddie & Tae Released Hilariouse ‘Girl In A Country Song’ Video!

To be completely honest I have never heard of Maddie & Tae before this song and now I want to listen to their music all the time. This song is absolutely perfect for today’s country market simply because it has become ran by men talking about how they like a certain type of girl.

Having these two beautiful singers just make a satire song about basically every single Luke Bryan song, how can you not like this song? It is so catchy, it is funny too which is always a big plus in my book. Every female who likes country songs can relate to this song because we ain’t a cliche!

Can’t wait to hear what else these ladies have in store for us!