Listen To Machine Gun Kelly’s “Bad Things” Featuring Camila Cabello

Most people are probably aware that within two years Fifth Harmony will be no longer. I can picture them doing one more album and then they all breakaway to try and do their own solo things. Camila so far seems to be the one who is doing her best to break away from the band, before the band even breaks up.

Well, she stepped away for a moment to work with one of my all time favorite rappers Machine Gun Kelly. Although this is different from most of his songs, it is still an incredible song! Both MGK and Camila sound dope together and I think that this is probably one of the better duets I have heard this year!

I give it a solid 8/10!

How do you feel about it? Hate it, love it, don’t really care either way?

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Machine Gun Kelly & Camila Cabello Are Teaming Up For New Song “Bad Things”


Anyone with eyes can see that Fifth Harmony is imploding which is just too damn bad considering they have just found their footing. Camila Cabello is trying to distance herself from the band, and has been for a while now, but here is another step in the solo direction. She is teaming up with rapper Machine Gun Kelly in a new song titled “Bad Things”.

Personally I think that this song will most likely be incredible. Machine Gun Kelly is absolutely one of my favorite rappers out there and Camila’s voice is great.

Do I think that when she leaved Fifth Harmony she will be the next Beyonce or something? No, but she will probably have two or three hits before she eventually fades out. Just my personal opinion.

Anyway, this track is going to drop on Friday and I personally can’t wait.

How do you feel about the collaboration?

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Listen To Machine Gun Kelly Cover Foo Fighter’s Hit “Everlong”

If you don’t know who Machine Gun Kelly is I think that you should finish reading this and then listen to some of his music. Kells, MGK, whatever you want to call him, he is one of the most talented artists out there. He is a rapper, plays instruments, and apparently he can sing! I just found that out after he posted this video singing “Everlong”.

This was my first time hearing Kells’ singing voice and he did way better than I expected, in fact he can actually sing. It would love to hear a song of him rapping and singing all in one. Although his rapping is absolutely off the charts incredible.

So check out the song and then check out his other songs, you won’t be disappointed.

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Man Crush Monday: Machine Gun Kelly

Not only is Machine Gun Kelly a certified babe, he is easily one of the best lyracists out there. I truly mean that. He has a few songs that I just can’t listen to because of how raw and how real the lyrics are. That is when you know you are a good musician. Finding that area where your music brings such strong emotion, it is insane.

This was the first year that MGK released an in store album rather than mixtapes, which I think is great. He deserves all of the success that he gets.

He is proof that hard work pays off.

Happy Monday everyone and I hope you enjoy this tattooed badass who also seems like he has a heart of gold. Isn’t that what every woman wants?

Are Amber Rose & Machine Gun Kelly Dating?


So TMZ is reporting that Amber Rose was at an airport to pick up her boo thang Machine Gun Kelly. Now, I thought just a few weeks ago she was saying that Wiz was the love of her life? I am officially confused. I don’t understand Amber Rose but I like her. There is just something about this whiffle cut bitch that I can’t get enough of. I kind of feel like she knows that she isn’t taken seriously as a “celebrity” so she just says random shit constantly.

If you don’t know Machine Gun Kelly, you aren’t alone. I mean I am a fan of his, I have been for a while but he isn’t really known on popular radio or anything like that. But he is a rapper! So you can at least tell people that fact when they ask who he is.

Does Amber have a type? I mean MGK is skinny, tall, and tatted up, oh and smokes as much weed as Wiz. I see something in common!

Fun fact, this is my favorite MGK song!