Radiohead, Beyonce, & Kendrick Lamar Headline Coachella 2017!

Whoever made the lineup for Coachella deserves a raise, that is for sure. This lineup is absolutely insane.

Of course the three main headlining acts are Beyonce, Kendrick Lamar, and Radiohead but there are a ton of other acts that are performing that I would love to see. Then again I am not a rich hipster so I will probably never be at Coachella.

One name that really pops out at me is seeing Lorde. Does this mean we are finally getting new music? It has been far too long since we have heard anything from her debut album. A lot of people hate her voice but her talent is undeniable.

Other than that you have Bon Iver, Mac Miller, Grouplove, Travis Scott, and many more incredible acts!

My favorite though? Hans Zimmer. If you think you don’t know him you do, don’t worry. He is an award winning movie composer. He had composed scores for ‘The Lion King’, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, ‘Gladiator’, and much more. That will be the trending performance on social media, I am sure of that.

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Ariana Grande & Mac Miller Are Instagram Official

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It looks like Ariana Grande and Mac Miller have decided to take their love fest to social media, that’s how you know it’s real, right? The two have been rumored to be dating the past few months and now it is official. Ariana is calling him baby on Instagram, and Mac Miller is the luckiest mouth breather in the world.

Still no media slut shaming her like they are to Taylor, who is recently single after breaking up with Tom Hiddleston. There is nothing wrong with dating around in your 20’s and I am not saying that Ariana is a bad person, I am saying the way the media treats certain people is absolutely disgusting.

Anyway, I can assume that these two will come out with some more remixes, probably date for a few months before breaking up.

Young love, how cute.

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Are Mac Miller & Ariana Grande Dating?

In the photos above, obtained by TMZ, all signed point to the pint sized singer Ariana Grande dating the pint sized rapper Mac Miller.

The two have known each other for years, collaborating on Ariana’s first song “The Way”, which gained both of them quite a bit of attention in the music world. Of course, it was Ariana’s first single and Mac having a part of the track was a big deal. They went around the country promoting it together, and reportedly always remained close friends.

Now I have a question. Listen, I am about to bring up Taylor Swift so if you got what you needed, go to the next article.

Why isn’t Ariana being dragged from jumping from man to man. I mean she went from that weird looking Nathan guy from the short lived band The Wanted, then to Big Sean, then to one of her back up dancers named Ricky, and now she is with Mac Miller. This has all been in the course of a few years. Yes, she was with Ricky for a while but why isn’t she being dragged? I see you media.

Let me also be clear. There is nothing wrong with dating. If you want to date around, then do it! Ariana? You go girl, you have some odd taste in men (Other than my boo Big Sean), but hey more power to you. It is just interesting how the media is so fixated on Taylor when she is also just dating in her 20’s. Whatever.

Anyway, I give this couple five months before they break up.

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Mac Miller Nudes Leaked By Ex-Girlfriend


Now I am going to be completely honest, these pictures aren’t anything special. They are just pictures that his ex-girlfriend took of him sleeping butt ass naked.

Honestly I am not a big fan of Mac Miller, I don’t think he is a great rapper. I think he is a short little mouth breather who got lucky. He had his little show on MTV for a while and then just kind of fell off. Maybe he didn’t? Does Mac Miller even make music anymore? See no idea.

The last time I remember even hearing about Mac Miller was when Amanda Bynes tweeted “@McMiller Hop on my dick”. I miss that Amanda on Twitter. Anyway back to the pictures.

This is probably after an night of heavy drinking, he passed out, his ex woke up before him and decided to take some pictures.

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Who is Ariana Grande?


For a while now I have had this question and I have heard different things and none had impressed me. She did that annoying ass song with the mouth breather Mac Miller, not impressed. She was on Nickelodeon and my thought was, that station is still around? Maybe it was Disney channel actually, either way I am just not impressed with this bitch.

So this Thanksgiving I was minding my own business, sipping on hot chocolate and this bitch arrives in the middle of the damn parade, fury went through my bones! How is she this popular? I guess it is because of her voice, people are saying that she is a young Mariah Carey and honestly, no. She is someone who is trying too hard. I feel like she is the girl who never had friends and she has slight talent so she feels like she can show up the young pop queens like Selena and Demi, no honey, you can’t. Also in her interviews she has a weird whispery voice, yet again stop it! Also she is dating someone from The Wanted, aka the worst boy band of all time!!!

I would suggest you stop singing with Mac Miller, dump your Wanter boyfriend, and get a sound that is your own. You’re welcome honey.