Watch John Mayer Perform “Love On The Weekend” For The First Time Live!

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I am so damn obsessed with John Mayer and I can’t apologize for it. I mean he is seriously one of the best musicians in the last decade, you can agree with me that is totally fine. Although he has basically always stayed in the acoustic folk type of music, he still finds way to reinvent his music. One thing about him is that he is never boring.

Also, I have a massive crush on John Mayer. I know he is notorious for kind of treating women like shit, it makes no sense. He writes such beautiful music and in his interviews he is hilarious, that smile, and his weird guitar face, I love all of it!

He sounds exactly the same live too, so I have to give him credit for that. I am always impressed when that happens.

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Listen To John Mayer’s New Single “Love On The Weekend”

John Mayer is officially back people! Now, he may be a womanizer and all of that but Mayer can make some beautiful music. For someone who allegedly breaks a ton of hearts, he can write a song to put a heart back together. If you have only heard his radio stuff, that’s fine but you should listen to his full albums, they are something amazing.

Without any more waiting, check out the song!


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