Watch Demi Lovato Perform “Sorry Not Sorry” For The First Time!

One thing is for sure, Demi is promoting the absolute hell out of this song, something she should’ve done with “Body Say”, but I guess I will get over that eventually.

With this new song she is throwing random house parties and performing all over the place so far, and I don’t hate it.

The more Demi the better if you ask me.

Sing it girl!

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Happy 24th Birthday Demi Lovato!

Happy 24th birthday to one of the greatest female vocalists out there at the moment, and one that doesn’t get nearly enough commercialized success like she deserves. I think that we can all agree that her songs don’t get nearly as much air play, or anything like that. Not fair but hey, it’s life and I think that soon we will be getting some seriously incredible music and she will rule the charts.

Thank you for using your celebrity for good after you decided to better yourself.

Keep on slaying Demi, you’re crushing it!

Happy birthday!

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Demi Lovato Is Releasing New Music This Friday!

Demi promised us new music on the tour and considering tonight was the kick off of the tour, it is time for new music!

Word on the street this song is going to be a hit. She performed it for the crowd tonight and it got an insane response, Tidal cut off their live feed when she performed it but some clips have found their way to the internet.

Lets hope Demi can get the credit she deserves for her vocals and she gets to the number one spot with this new single. I will settle for number three spot.

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