One Direction Split: Their Hiatus Will Become A ‘Permanent Break’

So it looks like the One Direction hiatus will become a permanent break, that is if you believe US Weekly. I have a feeling that Directioners won’t believe the magazine report though and will instead tweet hateful things to the magazine. These fans are aggressive, don’t let the fact that they are young fool you. You don’t mess with One Direction and they don’t mess with you. I learned that.

The band went on a pre-hiatus group of interviews stating that the media was crazy and that they weren’t breaking up. They were simply taking a break to spend time with family and friends.

They have all been pretty busy though. Harry recently took rights to three song titles, presumably for his solo career. Liam is working with Juicy J, apparently creating Drake like songs, according to Juicy. Then there are Louis and Niall, Niall is busy dating Selena (allegedly) and Louis is going to be a dad, so he will have his hands full.

It will be okay One Direction fans, I promise. You just need to accept it. I am sure that *NSYNC fans had a tough time accepting that they would never get back together too.

I have faith that you will all be able to get through this.

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Watch James Corden Carpool With One Direction

I am actually really bummed that One Direction is taking a break because over the past few weeks they have really grown on me. I mean 1D and James Corden could easily be the new Jimmy Fallon and JT, I would absolutely prefer them over JT and JF.

Last night they did a little carpool karaoke and it was absolutely hilarious. Probably the last time we will hear them sing too. Well unless they actually aren’t breaking up and they want to stay together.

He should just make a whole show as this segment, it is hilarious.

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Are Louis Tomlinson And Danielle Campbell Dating?

According to recent reports it looks like Louis Tomlinson is no longer a single man! He is allegedly dating ‘Originals’ star Danielle Campbell and it is a fairly new relationship. Of course all of this is allegedly, they have just been spotted together a lot recently. Which is cute, I guess. I mean she is super cute and he, well he is in a boyband, was in a boyband? I don’t know if One Direction is totally broken up yet.

I do have a question though, whatever happened to Louis’ baby? I mean his baby momma must be having their child soon, right? I feel like that news happened such a long time ago it has to be coming up fast! Does anyone have this information?

If these two are just friends, they make very cute friends.

Here is another picture of the alleged couple.

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Harry Styles Got A New Tattoo Live On The ‘Late Late Show’

Two days in a row, two posts involving James Corden, I am kind of obsessed with him. Not in a creepy way, maybe only a little bit of a creepy way, but it’s cool.

Last night he had One Direction on, who are getting ready to go on their hiatus, and they played a fun game called tattoo roulette. The only one who actually seemed nervous was the perfect little Irish angel Niall. He is the only member of the group that doesn’t have any tattoos. Could you imagine if he got his first tattoo live on television? I kind of wish that happened.

Of course Harry was the winner, or loser depending on how you look at it. You know, I have always said I don’t get the obsession with Harry Styles, but I am starting to. He just seems like a cool guy, just down to earth, doesn’t really care that he has to get another tattoo. Plus those dimples are something special. Sorry I am late to jump on the Harry Styles bandwagon, I just get it now.

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The Guys Of One Direction Look Dapper On The American Music Awards Red Carpet

Well the guys of One Direction absolutely slayed the red carpet if I do say so myself. Niall looks absolutely adorable in those glasses, I love the color of Liam’s suit, Louis looks alright, and Harry somehow pulls off one of the ugliest suits I have ever seen. I am serious, that looks like my grandmother’s couch, yet I find Harry attractive, I don’t understand at all.

Anyway, this might be the last time we ever see all of these guys together on the red carpet together, how sad is that? Yes I know that they have said they are getting back together, but they might not. If it is their last red carpet together, they all look great.

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It’s Going To Be Justin Bieber vs One Direction On November 13th. Who Will Come Out On Top?

I am just going to say that Justin Bieber is out there talking a lot of shit on the fact that both him and One Direction have albums coming out on the same day. I am just saying Justin, I wouldn’t be talking so much.

“[They’re] not really going on the road much, but we’re talking about them now, so it gives them some promo, right?”Justin said. “So, that’s probably why they did it. I think it was strategy on their part because my release date was first. But, whatever. It’s whatever. It’s gonna be fun. I’m excited to see what happens.”

Justin said that on a morning talk show down in New Zealand. I will say one thing, you don’t want to piss off One Direction fans. Those teenagers are fucking insane. If you are saying that they won’t out buy Beliebers, you are crazy. They will do it just to make sure Bieber doesn’t get number one.

I genuinely don’t know who will win. I think that One Direction will come out on top. Their music is like really good. I love their new more adult sound and Bieber, well his lyrics are awful. Oh my god his songs make me so annoyed, they are so repetitive.

The only way I see Bieber winning is if he has a surprise duet with Zayn Malik. Could you imagine? That would make Twitter explode, I don’t think Twitter is ready for it.

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One Direction Announces Final Album Name: Made In The AM

Today the guys took to Twitter to let the world know that their final album will be called Made In The AM! Alright now everyone is going to tell me that this isn’t their final album. They are simply taking a break and will be back to make more music. Know who else took a long break but promised to come out with new music? NSYNC, Destiny’s Child, and The Spice Girls. Look how that turned out for those fans.

Directioners I want to just give you some real life advice right now. The group is going to be over. Louis is off to be a dad, Harry is off to be a superstar, and as far as Liam and Niall are going to go. I don’t know. Liam said something about working behind the scenes and Niall, well we don’t know what is in store for that little leprechaun.

So this will be One Directions fourth and final album. No one puts out an album then doesn’t tour after it, no one!

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Joey Fatone Writes Hilarious Letter To One Direction Called “Everything Is About To Be Terrible”

Before I even start to write about this hilarious letter, I want you guys to read it. It is kind of long but hey, it is one of the funniest things I have read in a while.

Dear Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Harry Styles,

Hey guys.  It’s Joey Fatone, former member of NSync and current announcer on Family Feud, the job I’ve always dreamed of.  This weekend, while sitting on the toilet and crying (I LOVE MY LIFE!!!) I flipped through my iPhone and saw that you’d announced a “one-year hiatus” beginning in March. I just wanted to congratulate you guys and wish you well! I’m sure 2016 will be a wonderful time for everyone from One Direction to pursue some independent projects before regrouping as a stronger band one year later! Here’s to spreading your wings!


Here’s how it’s gonna go down, fellas. While you’re all on hiatus, Harry will record some dope singles with Beyonce, Ryan Adams and Wiz Khalifa, come out with a killer solo album produced by Pharrell and Timbaland, cut his hair, dye his hair, do a second less awesome album, let his hair grow super long and wear it in two braids, crush a self-effacing cameo in a Judd Apatow movie, buzz his hair and release a third, self-produced album on which he hints at being bisexual that everyone will call his “best work.”  

The rest of you are fucked. I mean fucked. I am the second most-successful former member of NSync and I am Joey Fatone. Say that outloud to yourself: “Besides Justin Timberlake, Joey Fatone is the most successful member of NSync.”

Here’s me being a spokesman for Bosley hair restoration last year:


Best case scenario, you’ll do a 6-week stint in Minions: The Musical! on Broadway before you bounce around different hosting jobs on channels like Spike and TruTv.  Do you know what Chris Kirkpatrick is doing? Because I don’t. He’s completely unreachable. He might be managing a Best Buy in Sacramento, he might be dead. No one knows. Louis, I’m looking at you.

There is one exception: If one of you is gay you might have a shot. Wait till One Direction has been dead for two years, kiss your hot boyfriend at an awards show, then ride that relevance like a beautiful boner and pray to god you get a show on Bravo.

It’s not that you guys aren’t talented, it’s that Harry is so, so much cuter, cooler and more talented than the rest of you. Deep down, you’ve always known that, but you will never truly understand it until you’re in your grimy little condo, sitting in your boxers, sucking a chow mein noodle off your Playstation controller and watching Harry blow it up on SNL.

Jesus christ I wish I was still in NSync. Jesus…JESUS FUCK! I would give all my hair to go back to that.

Anyway, enjoy the next few months, One Direction, because they’re your last. (

Now let me be honest, I didn’t even know that I was a fan of Joey Fatone until this moment right here. That open letter to One Direction was probably one of the realest and best open letters I have ever read. Way to really see your moment and take it Joey, bravo sir.

Let’s be real, even though all of the currently members of One Direction have said that they will get back together, Joey knows best. Joey was probably told that Justin Timberlake was just taking a small break from the band, but they would be back. Clearly that never happened.

I don’t even know what I can say about this letter because of how hilarious and how perfect it is. I just have to say that I wanted to share it with the world. The line where he compared Chris Kirkpatrick to Louis, that killed me. It is also so true. Louis is totally the Chris Kirkpatrick of the group.

I hope you laughed as hard as I did and I wish that I could shake Joey’s hand for that hilarious letter.

Sorry One Direction and One Direction fans, everything is about to be terrible.

Will One Direction Be Taking An Extended Hiatus?

Directioners, prepare yourselves for more than a few changes!

E! News can confirm One Direction will embark on an extended hiatus starting in March.

“They are taking a hiatus so they can work on individual projects for a while but they are not splitting up,” a source told E! News. “They will remain together and plan to work together in the future.”

During the extended break, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan will “pursue their endeavors” while remaining close.

“They are great friends and fully support one another,” our source shared. “They are very aware that they are able to work on their own stuff as well as remain together. This is an exciting time for them creatively and as a group.”Read more here

Woop there it is, the news that all Directioners have been scared to hear. Well it looks like One Direction is going to be taking a long break at the end of the year. The term used was extended hiatus. Now we all know what that means! Nsync was on an extended hiatus, and well they reunited for a ten second performance on MTV.

Apparently this hiatus is going to start in March, all according to a source. The idea of a source is always tough because you never know how real the source is. I am pretty sure that this is real though. No way they come back after this hiatus.

Louis is going to fade out, be a dad, live off of his money. Niall will probably be a judge on a singing show, Liam will try and have a solo career but it won’t work, Harry will be the Justin Timberlake and really break out.

It’s okay all you Directioners, all good things come to an end, its good you learn that at a young age.

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Simon Cowell Opens Up About The Fate Of One Direction

Simon Cowell revealed how he reacted to Louis Tomlinson’s baby news – and also said that One Direction will take a break soon – in a new interview withThe Sun.

The music producer, 55, said he told Tomlinson, 23, to “man up” when he learned that he was expecting his first child with friend Briana Jungwirth.

“I said to him, ‘You man up. You’re fortunate because you’re in a position to be able to look after the baby and not worry too much about that,’ ” Cowell said. “But I also told him, ‘I’ve received bad calls in my life but this is not one of them. This is your business but I’m here for you.’ ”

Cowell also suggested that One Direction might be ready to take a break.

“In terms of the band, they’ve got enough hits now they can take some time off and do some other stuff they want to do,” he said. “Then I hope they’ll have a little bit of time apart and want to get back together again. It’s a fun job, but it’s absolutely their decision.”

The band has been dogged with rumors that they will be splitting up ever since Zayn Malik left the group in March. However, a source told PEOPLE in June that the group would likely not officially break up but take some time to pursue solo careers “just like the [Rolling] Stones.”

“The boys know that by sticking together they can still pursue everything they want to do as a foursome, as well as individually,”the source said. (

When the creator of a boyband comes out and says that the group will probably take a break but not actually break up, that means that they are going to break up. Let’s not play dumb here, we all knew that this band wouldn’t last the test of time. They have had some good songs, but too many rifts too early. I mean Zayn left, Louis is going to be a daddy, and Harry is clearly the stand out. All good things must come to an end.

I do like the way that Simon worded the whole Louis becoming a father though. Clearly he probably didn’t want a kid right now, he is young and rich, extremely famous, but he doesn’t need to worry. He will be able to provide to that little baby boy or girl. I feel bad for the girl he got pregnant though, I can only imagine the hate she is going to get from the Directioners because those fans are insane.

I think we can all see what will happen though. Harry will be the Justin Timberlake, have a break out career and be around for a while. Liam will be like JC and try to do a solo thing but not really succeed. I have no idea about Nial, maybe he will host a show. Louis will live off of his money and stay quiet with his child. Then Zayn will become a real weird dude, he is basically there.

Thanks for the insight though Simon, thanks for preparing the One Direction fans that their reign will soon be over. I know what the fans are thinking, a break doesn’t mean a break up. It does though, everyone knows that when a ban takes a break there is a 99 percent chance they will never get back together. I mean NSYNC technically took a break, look at what happened with that.