Reese Witherspoon Posts Photo With Look-Alike Daughter Ava

So I am like 90% sure that Reese was cloned and that is how Ava Phillippe was born.

Ava is of course the daughter of well, Reese and Ryan. It looks like Reese’s genes won here, which is fine because their son Deacon looks exactly like Ryan.

I have genuinely never seen a mother and daughter that look this might alike, it is absolutely insane. The only thing that is different is probably the chin, Ava has a more rounded chin, but still absolutely gorgeous!

No story here, just in shock that these two look so much alike and I wanted the rest of the world to witness it.

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Miley Cyrus Posts Hilarious Picture With Justin Bieber On Instagram

There is no doubt in my mind that Miley Cyrus is one of the strangest people on this planet. She is strange but also hilarious. Obviously for years people have said that Miley and Justin look alike so she decided to work some photoshop magic and make the photos above.

There is really no story here, other than the fact Miley is a bizarre human being and can accept that her and Bieber look alike.

Happy Thursday!

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