Exclusive Interview With Boston’s Melissa Jane!

On Saturday April 30th, I was lucky enough to be invited to Melissa Jane’s show before the Tori Kelly concert that was happening at the House of Blues. Melissa was performing in the Foundation Room, which is for VIP club members.

Now I wasn’t sure what to expect but when Melissa Jane walked into the room there was a star presence. She walked in wearing a white corset and as she set up she has everyone’s attention, by the time she started to sing, all eyes were on her. Melissa’s voice was absolutely out of the world and it made sense why she was paired up with a Tori Kelly concert. Both of their voices are absolute power houses, and they are talented, something that in my opinion many artists lack.

After Melissa Jane finished her set, I was able to ask her a few questions after she made her rounds.

“Mariah Carey, she is one of my idols”, of course I wasn’t surprised by the statement considering the style of music that Melissa sings, plus Mariah is a legend, so there is that.

One thing that did surprise me was when I asked who she would do a duet with. Of course I was going to assume that it was going to be an artist like Mariah or Whitney but she said D’Angelo. He of course has one of the best vocal ranges in any male vocalists. Melissa went on to explain that during her time at Berkeley, she was exposed to many different types of music but the one that stuck with her was R&B, the soulful sounds of the genre spoke to her. Which is why she tends to focus on that style of music.

“I do, I write all of my own music.” Considering I have zero music ability, again I was stunned by the raw talent that was sitting in front of me.

Of course I had to ask why she never tried out for American Idol, The Voice, or any of the other million singing competitions that seemed to be out there. It was a simple answer. She did’t want to sign any contracts. I learned that the shows basically own you even if you are voted off or if you win. Melissa just didn’t think it was the right business choice for her.

Melissa has been the GRAMMYs, she has sang the National Anthem at stadiums, yet she was sitting here so humble as I did my interview with her. In reality there is no way that this woman can’t make it. With her voice, her looks, and her personality, it is only a matter of time until Melissa Jane is a household name.

Be sure to stream her new EP ‘The Butterfly’ on Spotify, buy it on ITunes , and like her Facebook page. Be sure to get to know her before the entire world knows her name, so you can say you listened to her when.

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