Lindsay Lohan Creates Shirt To Help Raise Money For Charity

Late last month Lindsay Lohan was filmed where she has some weird ass accent going on. Well, it looks like Lindsay wanted to do some good even though people gave her a ton of shit over it. Her explanation was that because she is learning different languages everything kind of mixed into one accent. I get it, whatever let Lindsay be.

In case you weren’t away Lindsay has been traveling to Turkey to meet with Syrian refugees and really spending time with them. Most people want to remember her as the party girl but there is obviously a lot more to her than just that.

In my opinion, Lindsay has come a very long way. Now she is getting her life together and bettering other people’s lives in the process.

If you want to take a look at all she has done, Buzzfeed wrote a great article on it.

If you want to help support Lilo’s foundation though, or want to grab a shirt, you can grab them here!

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