Liam Payne Is Busy Working On Solo Project

Over the past few months Liam Payne has been teasing us with his solo venture that he has embarked on since One Direction has been on a “break”.

None of the band members will confirm that they are over, but let’s be real, they all have solo projects of their own and considering how well Niall’s started out, I can’t imagine them halting that kind of forward progress to go back for one last reunion tour.

As most people know, Liam is going to be a father soon since rumor has it that his girlfriend Cheryl Cole is expecting their first child in March. It looks like Liam is doing all that he can to get as much of this project finished before Cheryl’s due date.

Last night he posted a photo on Instagram of him in a recording booth. It’s also worth a mention that there is a picture of a baby wearing headphones on the wall. Maybe he is giving us a hint of things to come but then again it could have just been there before he started recording.

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Are Liam Payne & Cheryl Cole Expecting Their First Child Together?

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So real talk for a hot second. Are Liam Payne and Cheryl Cole expanding their family from just having two dogs? All signs point to yes. Listen I am not trying to body shame Cheryl Cole. If she just had a big Thanksgiving dinner, I can understand that. But come on.

Last night Liam and Cheryl stepped out for the Fayre of St James concert and well, it looks like she is probably sporting a baby bump. Now I am not saying that she is pregnant, I am just saying unless she is sporting a serious food baby then she is pregnant.

So sound off! Tell me what you think!

I guess we can really start calling Liam Payne daddy for real. Just kidding I like Zaddy better.

UPDATE : I am just going to say congrats to the couple because she is definitely pregnant.

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Liam Payne Shows Off Insane Muscles In New Shirtless Selfie

Holy thirst trap!

Hey Liam, I know that right now I have been spending a lot of time on the sweet baby angel known as Niall Horan but I didn’t forget about you. Don’t worry, you’re still tied for number one. If you want to post selfies like this though? I won’t complain about that either.

Liam is currently working on his first solo album so he has been a bit quiet on social media. Until he decided that he had some downtime and wanted to show the world his perfectly sculpted abs.

I am thankful for this.

Happy Friday!

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Are Zedd & Liam Payne Working Together?

I have a feeling that soon Liam Payne is going to release an absolute bop as his first solo song. We already know that he has been in the studio with Pharrell Williams, so he is going to probably have a similar sound to Justin Timberlake, which I can totally get behind. But over the weekend he was spotted partying it up with Zedd.

As most of you know Zedd is a powerhouse in the EDM industry and is known for producing incredible songs for many artists. He helped Kesha release new songs so she could finally get paid, so he is all good in my book.

Over the weekend Liam jumped on stage with Zedd at one of his shows and just kind of tried to hype up the crowd. There hasn’t been any word of them working together but with this appearence, should be expect something?!

How do you guys feel about a potential Zedd and Liam Payne collaboration? I would be down for that 100 percent.

I would just like to say, Liam is a total babe, have mercy!

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Liam Payne Is In The Studio With Pharrell Williams

It looks like we are getting closer and closer to hearing solo music from Liam Payne! This is something that I am very excited for. Considering he has a mega-producer like Pharrell on his side, he will sounds absolutely amazing. Pharrell did have a big part with putting together Justin Timberlake‘s solo career, let’s put it that way. Need I say anything more?

Should be a big year for One Direction fans, Niall Horan is already starting his solo career with his hit song “This Town”, Harry Styles will be in his first feature film, Louis Tomlinson  is being a dad and stuff. Big years for the boys!

I think it is pretty clear that this group is over, just stay strong Directioners. You can do it!

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Liam Payne Is Hard At Work On His New Solo Album!

I wonder what is going to happen when Liam Payne, Harry Styles, and Niall Horan are all fighting for a spot on the charts with their new solo music. I didn’t add Zayn because he has already released his solo music and Louis? Well, I think that he is putting together a girl group or something, I don’t know. He is just a dad now.

Liam has been pretty quiet since signing with Capitol Records and getting new management. It has been reported that Simon Cowell wasn’t very happy with him when he decided to split from their record label and management, but Liam thought that they paid more attention to Harry. Again, all of that is just what has been reported in the media.

On Instagram today though, Liam gave a bit of a hint at how the new record is going. He posted a photo simply saying hard at work.

Personally, I love Liam’s voice and I am excited to hear his solo stuff.

What do you think of Liam’s new solo career? Will he bop or will he flop?

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Hard at work 🎵

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Niall Horan Officially Signs Solo Recording Contract!

Getty Images

Well it looks like One Direction is not coming back, right? Niall Horan has officially signed on with Universal Music to start his own solo album. As of right now Harry, Liam, and Niall are all now solo artists.

According to reports, Simon isn’t very happy with Niall since he was supposed to sign with Simon’s SyCo label, but Universal came in with a better contract so he went with them!

Niall has reportedly put together a good amount of songs and is trying to steer away from the boy band feel that he has been a part for the last couple of years. He has reportedly also been working with his good friend Ed Sheeran, so I am guessing that Niall is going to go that route.

Congrats to the singer though! I didn’t expect him to jump off the One Direction boat so quickly but I can’t wait to hear his new stuff!

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Liam Payne Signs Solo Recording Contract!

I feel like this is the final nail in the One Direction coffin. There was a chance that there could be a reunion of the boys, but with both Harry and Liam, the two best singers in the group, signing solo contracts? No way these boys will get back together. A small part of me is curious to see if they do a small farewell tour, but I highly doubt it.

On the flip side though, Liam Payne is going to be making music. Probably some type of R&B baby making music too! That is just something to get excited about.

So is this the end of 1D? Let me know on Twitter or Facebook!

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Harry Styles Signs Solo Recording Contract

Harry Styles aka the Justin Timberlake of One Direction has officially signed a solo recording contract. He signed his name on the line with Columbia records but there is nothing more than that. It looks like One Direction is over though, right?

I hope that Liam puts out some solo music though, he is my favorite, heart eye emojis for days. Unfortunately Liam is the JC Chasez of the group, so sad.

Stay strong Directioners! I promise you will survive

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Why Doesn’t Niall Horan Get More Love?

Listen up Directioners, I have a bone to pick with all of you. I know you don’t like me much because I think that both Niall and Liam are better looking than Harry but hear me out. Niall deserves more attention from your fandom!

I was looking through his Instagram and he is aging very nicely! I mean he is an absolute babe. He may not be dating some famous person, I am looking at all of the other members on that one. Louis and Danielle, Harry and maybe Kendall, Liam and Cheryl, even Zayn is dating one of the biggest super models out there right now, Gigi Hadid. Meanwhile Niall almost dated Selena Gomez but that didn’t work out for him.

I suggest you start giving this little Irish angel more attention because he is getting super hot. Not many people can pull off the whole bleached hair for as long as he has but he makes it work! Another thing we need to give him credit for.

Please One Direction fans, appreciate how attractive Niall is, okay? Okay.

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Maya bay .

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