Man Crush Monday: Leonardo DiCaprio

Is there any explanation needed right here? Last night Leo cleaned himself up, went to an awards show, and won the biggest award of the night. Now Leo has won a Golden Globe before but I feel like this could be his year for the Oscar. I know, I know it is bad to jinx it like that but come on!

Leo has been breaking hearts since the early 90’s and remains as one of the biggest heartthrobs in Hollywood. Not many people can say that. He is one of the best actors of our generation and has been able to transform from young Hollywood actor, to one of the most powerful people in Hollywood.

Happy Monday!

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Looking Good Doesn’t Matter If You Are Leonardo DiCaprio


For years I have been telling my friends that Leonardo DiCaprio is no longer sexy, he isn’t hot, he isn’t god looking anymore. He has lost the thing that made him hot, meaning his looks. They of course would fight me on it saying that he was and still is one of the sexiest guys on this planet. No, no, no, no.

I mean if this picture of anyone else people would be saying how gross he looks with his lil beer belly and his bun. Nope, it is Leonardo DiCaprio so it is sexy! I don’t understand! Can you imagine if this was someone like, Adam Sandler? People would rip him to shreds!

I guess looks don’t matter if you played Jack Dawson, women will love you for life and obviously Leo takes full advantage of that.

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