TLC Release New Song “Way Back” – Listen Here

So let me be clear, I am going to tell you this before you listen to the song. Don’t compare it to their old music. Their new music will never be as good as their old music simply because there is no Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez.

Okay, now that I put out that PSA.

This song isn’t too bad. I like the sound of it, I could definitely picture putting it on during a party and having a drink to it.

I will always respect TLC, so I will not say anything more!

It’s just good to see them back.

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New Kids On The Block To Tour With TLC & Nelly

I don’t want to go to this concert, I need to go to this concert! I haven’t been this excited for a concert since NKOTB teamed up with BSB! To this day I will say that was one of the best concerts of all time. This line up though? It may be better than that one. I believe I have made it pretty clear that Nelly is my all time favorite rapper. He could rap the phone book and I would probably still dance to it. Having TLC there, that just takes the cake. How in the hell did this even happen? Which one of the New Kid members came up with this bright idea? Possibly their greatest idea ever, right?

Anyway, tickets go on sale at the end of January and I do believe that this concert will break records. These are three bands that everyone loves. Everyone loves TLC, the fact that they decided not to replace Left Eye only makes me love them more. T-Boz is my girl for life though.  Can’t go wrong with Nelly, ever. Nelly is the sexiest and best rapper ever, the end. New Kids are basically the original Backstreet Boys, so I love them.

All I need in my life is to hear ‘Waterfalls’ and ‘Ride Wit Me’ live at the same concert to know that my life is complete.

Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes Would Have Been 43 Today!


In my opinion there are bands that create music and then there are bands that change music. TLC was one of those bands that absolutely changed music. Of course people could compare them to Salt N Peppa but they had something special, something more than them. Left Eye was easily one of the biggest secret weapons, she could sing, rap, and dance like a mad woman.

Most people are aware of Left Eye’s actions that landed her in trouble, like accidentally lighting her ex-boyfriends house on fire among other things. In 2002 she decided to get clean and take a spiritual journey where she ended up losing her life in a car accident. It is crazy to think that was 12 years ago.

Today Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes would have been 43 and even though she is gone her spirit lives on.

Happy birthday you will never be forgotten for helping change music history forever!