Sophia Bush Is Leaving ‘Chicago P.D.’ After Four Seasons

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If you follow this blog at all you know how much I love Sophia Bush and will basically watch anything she is in. That’s just what you do to celebrities who have tweeted you three times, we are basically besties.

Well it turns out that her time on ‘Chicago P.D.’ is over after the major cliff hanger that the show left us with. Her character is faced with a big choice and it looks like she chose to leave the group.

Honestly I wasn’t expecting her to leave the show anytime soon, she was always live tweeting about them being a squad and all of that fun stuff. It makes me wonder if something happened behind the scenes or something, since her and Jesse have been broken up for a bit.

That’s all my thoughts though.

Well if her time is up on the show then my time is up as a viewer since she was the main reason I started to watch.

Really though, I find this absolutely shocking that she is leaving so soon. Maybe she is getting her own spin-off show? Wouldn’t that be something.

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Vanessa Bayer Is Leaving ‘SNL’ After 7 Seasons

Well I guess I am happy that Vanessa is leaving because she will probably be in a bunch of movies, or have her own show, but I am also sad. She is definitely one of the strongest players on the show.

Of course Kate and Cecily are great but Vanessa just kills me, she’s so weird.

There wasn’t much talk about this until she posted it on Instagram earlier this week.

Well Vanessa, I will miss seeing you on ‘SNL’ but here’s to hoping this means you have a show or movie lined up!

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Sara Ramirez Leaves ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ After 10 Seasons

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Last night Callie Torres scrubbed in for the last time and that is absolutely heartbreaking, am I right? There aren’t many original characters left on Grey’s Anatomy, and as a long time viewer I think I can speak on everyone’s behalf when I say that we hold those long time characters near and dear to our hearts. Callie may have come in during season 2, but again, looking at the cast now she is basically one of the last OG’s of the series.

Callie Torres opened up the doors to a conversation that was interesting. She was a bisexual woman, who fell in love with O’Malley, they got divorced, she then fell in love with Arizona, but also hooked up with Mark Sloan, but her love life wasn’t the only interesting thing about her. The character of Callie was complex, and she was a badass, that simple.

If I was to define Callie Torres she would be a badass surgeon who could run with the boys and a character who had a big heart. That was something that I believe Sara Ramirez did perfectly, showed vulnerability.

Personally I do think that Shonda ruined her character just a little bit in the last few episodes of this past season. She made Callie act totally out of character and be selfish. I will thank Shonda for not killing Callie, I mean that means she could potentially come back for the series finale. She just ruined her character a bit before the send off. The send off, which by the way, was fucking horrible. Callie only had about three lines the entire episode, she deserved much more than that. Again that is my opinion but it seems like Twitter agrees.

Both Shonda and Sara put out statements.

Now let me have my moment while I gently weep that Callie is gone, but celebrate that she wasn’t killed off.

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Chris Colfer Has Been Let Go From Glee

Well color me shocked that ‘Glee’ is letting go of Chris Lady Humell Colfer. He tweeted that more information would be given later but I just can’t believe it! He said that it was a personal issue, and I need to know it. I need to know it right now! Coming up on the one year anniversary of Cory Montieth’s death the cast needs to stay together!

Why would they get rid of Kurt because that means Blaine is going to be gone, so much drama! Truth is I haven’t watch this show since, I don’t know three years ago maybe. It is just a sinking ship and I bet that Chris wanted to be off of the show, he has talent. He has already written a book, and starred in his own movie. Glee isn’t the end of the road for him like it is for some of the stars, who I shall not name.

Can you really blame him if it was his choice to leave though? He needed to jump ship before it completely sunk. I am just curious as to how people well Gleeks are going to react to him leaving the show. Are there even any Gleeks left?

So what do you think about Chris leaving Glee?

Chelsea Handler Is Ending ‘Chelsea Lately’ And Leaving E! After 8 Years.


So it looks like Chelsea Handler will be leaving the E! station at the end of 2014! The ratings have been falling but it also for a very obvious reason, she can’t talk like she used to. E! really made her pull back on trashing celebrities simply because some celebrities were afraid to come onto her show. She is also not a fan of the Kardashians which she has made very clear. Let’s be real the Kardashian family basically owns E! and they don’t want anyone to trash talk their trashy family.

I for one am a huge Chelsea Handler fan, I think that she is hilarious, smart, and original, I like her. You can love or hate her but one thing is for sure, she is smart.  In the course of  10 or so years she went from being a nobody to being a house hold name, she knows what she is doing.There is a reason that she is leaving E! and we have no idea yet. I am sure that she will continue being on late night since she has such a huge following but maybe on a better station.

Truth is even if Chelsea Handler is no longer a late night host there is no way that this will be the end of her career, it will probably just launch her career into over drive. Now she won’t have anything holding her back from touring or writing.

So you know what Chelsea, you go girl, you got this! I can’t wait to see what happens when she is no longer held back by the head honchos at E!