A Complete List Of Who Is Performing At The 2016 American Music Awards

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Tomorrow night (November 20th) the American Music Awards will be taking place and the line up is absolutely insane. One thing about this awards show is that it isn’t really much of an award show. I think they give out like five awards but most of it is live performances.

This year it is like your radio is going to be performing live, so if you aren’t completely sick of hearing Fifth Harmony or the song “Closer” yet, it is the right show for you.

It is being hosted by Jay Pharoah and Gigi Hadid.

Check out who will be performing!

Let’s be real, there will probably be some kind of surprise guest as well, which would be awesome. Word on the street is that Selena Gomez will be there even though she is taking time off to focus on her health.

Are you excited for the line up?

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Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, & The Weeknd Will Perform At The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

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This sound like quite the show, right? Obviously these three are musical powerhouses and I give Victoria’s Secret credit for getting them all to sign on. I feel like there are usually two big performers then one not so known one. Not this time around!

Lady Gaga, The Weeknd, and Bruno Mars will all get their sets and absolutely kill it. All while beautiful models walk around them showing off wings, and outfits that no one else would ever wear. Fashion shows, where the fashion is weird.

I do hope to see some interaction between Bella and The Weeknd, because that would be absolutely adorable.

The show is on December 5th, so tune in then!

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Lady Gaga Joins James Corden In Carpool Karaoke!

There are no words other than the fact that Lady Gaga is insanely talented. Obviously James has had some seriously talented people in his carpool karaoke but I love this one. Lady Gaga sounds exactly like she does on the album and you have to appreciate that one.

Maybe one day she will put out dance music like ‘Bad Romance’, ‘Poker Face’, you know songs like that? I want them back!

Bravo though, another great carpool karaoke and James Corden kills it as always. He is currently winning late night.

Also, Gaga is looking better than ever, right?

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Lady Gaga Performs ‘Million Reasons’ & ‘A-YO’ On ‘SNL’

Over the weekend Lady Gaga performed on ‘SNL‘ and she absolutely killed her two performances! Not only that but her episode brought in a season high because Lady Gaga fans will watch anything that she is on. For good reason too, in my opinion Gaga doesn’t have one mean bone in her body. You also have to get credit to the incredible Tom Hanks for pulling in those ratings because he was the host. Putting them together is just a a huge ratings boost!

Lady Gaga sounded absolutely incredible live! She performed my favorite song from JOANNE ‘Million Reasons’ and then the bop ‘A-YO’. People actually accused her of lip syncing because she sounded so good. Nope, she is just crazy talented.

Watch her performances and fall in love all over again with Gaga.

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Stream Lady Gaga’s New Album ‘JOANNE’ Now!


Lady Gaga‘s much anticipated new album’JOANNE’ has officially been released and you can stream it as well! Her new album is actually very good, it’s different, but it’s good. If you didn’t like “Perfect Illusion” that’s fine, there are a lot of other quality songs on the album!

Let’s be real, Gaga has one of the best voices out there and she does a great job reminding us of that on this album.

Stream it before you buy it!

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Lady Gaga Claps Back At The Chainsmokers

Oh shit Lady Gaga went and did that! In case you missed it, The Chainsmokers went out there and let Billboard magazine know that they thought “Perfect Illusion” sucked. Listen it wasn’t my favorite song that Gaga has ever put out but The Chainsmokers have a few hits under their belt whereas Lady Gaga has an incredible career under her belt. That is the difference. Listen, I love “Closer” and all of that but these guys, all of their songs sound the same.

For the record, Gaga’s new song is way better. It is really a good one, I would actually listen to this song on my own, not just bob my head to it on the radio so you know it’s real!

Gaga rarely plays into hate, so I love that she did this. Put them in their place Gaga.

Check it out for yourself!

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Lady Gaga Will Headline The 2017 Super Bowl Halftime Show!

I mean okay. That is really my reaction to the thought of Lady Gaga performing at the halftime show for the Super Bowl. I mean obviously it is an honor to do something like that, it is a huge platform.

Now I can’t say anything bad about Lady Gaga, I really can’t. She is insanely talent and she seems like a really kind and beautiful person. I just think that she is a little too theatrical for the biggest football game in the world. I think she will do incredible, but the thing is, that fan base literally doesn’t appreciate art. Although, I am pretty sure the half time show was created for the women who have to watch the show.

Show me what you got Lady Gaga!

I wonder who she will pull on stage with her. Hopefully the Black Eyed Peas, it wont be them but I hope it is.

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Watch Lady Gaga Sing Spice Girls’ “2 Become 1” With Emma “Baby Spice” Bunton

Emma Bunton and Lady Gaga singing together is the most beautiful thing I have ever heard in my life. I am only half exaggerating too!

Without me fangirling too much, just click play! It is about 5 seconds of perfection. Gaga Spice has a nice ring to it, right?

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#2Become1 with @ladygaga..! 💋#shenanigans #duet

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Lady Gaga Is Releasing New Single “Perfect Illusion” This Friday!

I have such a soft spot for Lady Gaga, I genuinely love that she is just a theater geek who took over the world. Yup. Love her or hate her, you have to admit that she dominated the charts for a while and was very different. Everyone said that she copied Madonna and maybe she did to a point but seriously, one of the most unique artists of all time.

Not only that, she also seems like an incredibly nice person who takes her time out for fans, and does a lot for charity. I will always respect celebrities who do a lot for charity, whether it is donating or spending time with specific charities, it is always nice to see.

Anyway, it looks like Gaga is taking a break from her stints on AHS and singing duets with Tony Bennett to release a single of her own! Finally!

“Perfect Illusion” is going to be the first single off of her new album, and people are excited for it. Her last album didn’t do so hot but I have a good feeling about this one.

Are you excited for new Lady Gaga or has that ship already sailed?

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Lady Gaga & Taylor Kinney Reportedly Split

According to TMZ, this ‘Love Game’ has ended. There is no word on who ended the relationship, yet. I am sure that within time everything will start to spill about why the ended their engagement and all of that.

I was really rooting for Gaga and Taylor, I can’t lie. She was basically the weird theater chick who got the jock, kind of like the classic ‘She’s All That’.

The two became engaged on Valentine’s Day last year when Kinney proposed with a giant heart shaped diamond. For the past week or so Gaga has been spotted without the ring and without her hunk. So there’s that.

Hopefully this will fuel Gaga’s fire to make new music!

The couple had been together for five years and share two dogs together.

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