Are Blac Chyna & Rob Kardashian Together?

Yes! This is my favorite thing ever. When I first saw that this was a possibility of happening my jaw hit the fucking ground. Blac Chyna just straight up messed with Kylie Jenner in the worst way possible. Kylie stole BC’s baby daddy, well Blac Chyna just stole her brother. Baby daddies come and go but brothers are forever.

This is genuinely one of my favorite things of all time. According to reports Blac Chyna and Rob have been hanging out nonstop the past few days. Just staying cooped up at his place. I am assuming there are Netflix and chilling.

I have a theory that Rob now hates all of the Kardashians and wants to segregate himself as much as possible. Dating someone who has openly slammed your entire family on social media, that’s one way of doing it.

May this relationship last forever.

Just a reminder this is what Rob’s sleeve looks like and this is why everyone is assuming in her Instagram picture she is all cuddled up with him.

You win Blac Chyna, you win.

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Rebel Wilson Slams The Kardashians In New Interview

Rebel Wilson just SLAMMED the Kardashian/Jenners during an interview with Kyle and Jackie O‘s radio show.

“I got asked to present with Kendall and Kylie at the recent VMAs and said ‘no’. It’s not that you hate any of them individually, but it’s just that everything they stand for is against everything I stand for. And they’re not famous for talent. I worked really hard to get where I’ve gotten to,” the 35-year-old Pitch Perfect star said on the show.

“But why would they team you with Kendall and Kylie? That seems random.” Jackie asked. “I think if I was going to dress up as Kim Kardashian if I did it,” Rebel responded.

She then added why she doesn’t love Kim.

“I mean how Kim Kardashian got famous from the sex tape and I just went to acting school and worked really hard,” Rebel said. (credit)

Boom! Shots fired! Boom!

I absolutely love this, finally someone is out there saying what we are all feeling. I feel like a lot of celebrities for some reason kiss their asses, their giant asses, but not Rebel Wilson. She wouldn’t even give them an award, which makes sense. I mean why would Kylie or Kendall get an award anyway? Kendall is a model in her own right but Kylie isn’t doing anything other than hanging out with Tyga.

Calling Kim out for being famous off of a sex tape is absolute perfection. She has her billion dollar company now but if it wasn’t for leaking her own sex tape she would still be known as OJ Simpson’s attorney’s daughter, or Paris Hilton’s best friend.

I think the most surprising thing that I read here was that Rebel Wilson is 35 years old. I genuinely thought that she was 30 at the most, Rebel you are aging gracefully good for you!

I am seriously obsessed with this interview though, Rebel went to acting school and worked hard, Kim had a sex tape and a rich family. I could see why she would be annoyed at the thought that they deserved an award.

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Tyga Releases Music Video For ‘Stimulated’ Featuring Kylie Jenner

Well the world’s grossest couples continues to be well, gross. Tyga is so excited he can now show off his official of age girlfriend to the world, he decided to feature her in one of his music videos.

This is like the ultimate pervert theme song, I don’t care what anyone says. He decided to release a song and music video about him “penetrating” his then underage girlfriend. The fact that this is socially acceptable because they are both celebrities, I should say “celebrities” is absolutely disgusting.

The fact that even the E! Network, a network that is so far up the Kardashian’s ass they don’t know how to get out, said that the couple took it a bit far says a lot. I don’t think I have ever heard that station say anything wrong about that family, not once not ever.
They say she young, I should’ve waited
She a big girl, dog when she stimulated

One of the best parts is that he also talks about going to Vegas and gambling but Kylie isn’t even old enough to do that. Maybe in a few years you can do that with your child bride Tyga, gotta wait a little longer.

I hope someone writes a love rap about me and refers to me as a bitch some day, that is true romance right there.

Here is the video if you can stomach it.

Some more lyrics just to warn you about what you’re going to hear.

She a big girl, dog
I’m gonna do what the fuck I wanna do when I wanna do
She a big girl, dog
I’m puttin’ in, I’m penetratin’
I’m gettin’ big, I’m stimulated

Might take her home, gon’ and dinner plate it
I don’t heat it up, don’t microwave it

Really though, why does Kris think that this is good for business?

Click here and let me know if you think this couple is weird and if you think the video is gross.

Tyga Posts Racy Instagram Of Kylie Jenner To Celebrate Her Being 18


Is there anyone happier than Tyga on this day? He is finally dating a legal adult. This picture is pretty damn racy, but hey, she is legal now! She can legally vote, get a tattoo, smoke a cigarette, things that Tyga has been able to do for nearly seven years.

Over the weekend Tyga also bought Kylie an incredibly expensive lambo, like 360,000 dollars I believe. My question is, how is Tyga so rich? He seems to not be able to afford rent, leaves performances, and spends money like it’s going out of style. Time to wife up your money maker Tyga, she can legally do that now.

I truly don’t care how old Kylie is, this relationship will always be weird to me.

Caitlyn Jenner Shares Picture From Father’s Day!

Featured Image

Caitlyn Jenner had almost a full crew of kids dune buggying all over Malibu for Father’s Day, and the pic is kind of awesome.

Kim and Kanye were front and center with North West, along with Khloe, Kendall, Brandon and his wife, and Burt and his girlfriend, Valerie

We’re told Kourtney had the flu, Brody was out of town on a DJ gig, and Kylie was MIA. 
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Alright so Caitlyn is still letting her children call her dad so I guess that Father’s Day is appropriate! Really it is awesome to see that her family is so supportive of her and the change that she had went through. I do believe that she has another daughter, Burt’s sister, where is she? TMZ left her out of the mix! Rob was reportedly there too but he isn’t a fan of being in the public spotlight anymore.

It also says that Kylie was reportedly MIA which is probably because she was with her new dad Tyga! Sorry, I mean her boyfriend is a dad.

Caitlyn, you look a bit dressed up for dune buggying, you don’t want to ruin that fly ass dress.

Tyga Gets Kylie Jenner’s Name Tattooed For The World To See


(Photo courtesy:

Well it looks like it is official. Although Blac Chyna has been talking about how Tyga still wants to be with her, he steps out with some fresh ink. Kylie has been officially tattooed on his inner arm with what appears to be either a heart or a rose around it. Now I have looked at this picture for a solid 20 minutes trying to figure out if it is real. I mean it kind of looks photoshopped right? I looked around the interwebs and apparently it is a real tattoo. Which is terrifying.

These two have been together for a little while now, since she was like 13 I believe. No, kidding, she was a mature 16 years old. Now he has her name on his arm and you know what that means? They are meant to be for the rest of their lives!

Isn’t is a curse to get a tattoo of your current fling on your arm though? Clearly Tyga doesn’t care about tattoos since he has one on his fucking face, but aren’t I right?

If Kylie wasn’t a celebrity people would want Tyga in jail. I am just going to let you sit with that while you talk about how mature Kylie is, and how age doesn’t matter.

Blac Chyna Throws Major Shade At Kylie Jenner

Blac Chyna Kylie Jenner Lips

Now this is absolutely hilarious to me. There are people saying that Blac Chyna needs to grow up and realize that Kylie is Tyga’s new girl, but I find it hilarious. Good for Blac Chyna making fun of Kylie. I think that Kylie looks ridiculous and by her saying that she hasn’t gotten injections? Honey please, we all know you are lying Kylie.

After that whole Kylie lip challenge thing where people were fucking up their lips, Sucking on shot glasses and having their lips be extremely bruised, or even cut up because the glasses exploded on them. Not a cute look for anyone, let’s be real about that. Apparently, Chyna wanted in on the fun too. So she put on those wax lips and took a selfie, hilarious if you ask me.

So to everyone telling Blac Chyna to grow up, you need to sit down. Go tell Tyga to grow up and stop dating children when he has one of his own.


PS: Kylie, why aren’t you in school?

Tyga Fires Back At Drake After ‘6PM In New York’ Diss

In case you weren’t aware last night Drake pulled a Beyonce and released a whole new album in Itunes. No one knew about it, he just kind of made it happen. I am always on the fence about these albums because they just happen so fast! I don’t have time to prepare on if I want to buy them or what! Buying albums on Itunes is a big deal guys!

Well the big news from this is a song called ‘6pm in New York’ where he basically calls out Tyga. If you remember Tyga went off on Drake in Vibe magazine. ( That is the previous article if you are interested.

The lyrics are: “I heard a lil lil homie talking reckless in Vibe
Quite a platform you chose, you shoulda kept it inside
Oh you tried, it’s so childish calling my name on the world stage
You need to act your age and not your girl’s age”

Ohhhhh shit! Calling Tyga out for dating a teenager! Ohh shit!

This was what Tyga responded with

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 8.59.20 AM

Full Tweet: @Drake u still a bitch. All that sneak dissing is weak. Just pull up. I know where u live and u know my address.. U been ducking the fade from Brown.

There are many reasons why I don’t like Tyga and I don’t respect him as an artist. Number one he says that he grew up in Compton but he was on an MTV dating show from back in the day saying he lived in Malibu. Okay B-Rad I see you. He is also dating Kylie Jenner. People can say that age is nothing but a number, but its actually a prison sentence too. Dude you’re a grown ass man with a child, why are you dating a 17 year old? That is just weird. Kyle is also Kim’s little sister, who is Kim’s best friend? Black Chyna, Tyga’s ex and baby momma. It is a real mess.

This feud is really a joke right? This is nothing compared to like Game and 50, Tupac and Bigger, let’s be real over one thing though. Drake will always be more successful than Tyga, always.

And just so everyone knows, Tyga has already deleted that tweet.

Are Rapper Tyga & Kylie Jenner Really Dating?

Tyga and Kylie Jenner Dating

Tyga and Kylie Jenner were out together Monday night … and we’re told it was a date, but the way “date” is defined is, well, a sensitive issue.

The youngins went to Kabuki restaurant in Hollywood. Sources close to Tyga tell us they are “dating” but are quick to add that does not mean they are physical. It’s important, because he’s 25 and she’s 17.

One Tyga source told us … if we even insinuate they are having physical contact he will deny he’s dating Kylie … even though the source says Tyga privately says he’s dating her.

BTW … sitting on the same side of the booth is prima facie dating, right?

So I think that everyone is now extremely aware of which of the Jenner girls is going to end up like Kim, I mean Kim before she had a multimillion dollar company. Back when she was just Paris Hilton’s hot friend that went to different events with her. I see you Kylie, hanging out with mediocre rappers.
Tyga recently got divorced from one of Kim’s best friends Black Chyna which would be weird for Kim if her much younger and under aged sister was dating him, right? I mean 25 and 17 is a pretty hefty age gap, I don’t care what people say about that age ain’t nothing but a number thing. It is also a jail sentence.
I don’t even really think that Tyga is popular anymore, I genuinely have no idea. I know that he had that song “Rack City” that everyone loved for a minute but now, he is just known for having a better hairline than he had before. Oh and for hanging out with under aged girls. For those of you that don’t remember for Kylie’s 17th birthday he was the one who filmed the celebration then offered her a shot, so that is cute.
Kylie Jenner is just a trouble child, there I said it and I will not take it back!