Is There A ‘Laguna Beach’ Reunion In The Making?

Let’s go back, back to the beginning….

Obviously it is very documented that I still love ‘Laguna Beach‘ it may have been released 12 years ago but I will never get over this show. It’s too quotable and truly the first reality show of its kind.

So I wasl ooking through Jason Wahler’s Instagram and I came across a picture of him, along with Alex M, Christina, Morgan, and Taylor. Immediately I had to dig deeper. By dig deeper I mean look at their Instagram accounts as well and here is what I found.

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And……. Here we go! @alexmurrel

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Let's go back … Back to the beginning ūüėú

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Now everyone has also tagged E News! which means that MTV isn’t cashing in on what will most likely be a rating hit. I mean when they play the old school episodes during the summer, people go crazy for that stuff.

So far there have been no dates released or anything, just those photos. I also did tweet Alex M, asking if there was a reunion show and she simply Favorited it, so I am going to go with yes, there is a reunion show coming up.

MTV you gon and fucked up not making this reunion show a priority on your list. I hope that the whole cast is involved with this reunion, only time will tell.

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The Boys Of ‘Laguna Beach’ Reunited For A Special Birthday

It’s always nice to know that some things on reality television were real. The friendship of Stephen, Dieter, and Trey was one of the realest things that played on the reality tv show, ‘Laguna Beach’. That is if you believe Kristin Cavallari saying that everything on the show was basically staged.


Over the weekend the three best friends that anyone could have got together to celebrate Trey turning the big 3-0. That’s right, Trey came into our lives when he was just 18 and now he is a 30 years old designing wedding dresses for Vera Wang. Remember Polster? Yeah, he was there too.

Luckily for us they documented it through Instagram posts so we could all feel as though we were part of the celebration.

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Human gem. Happy Birthday, Trey.

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I would say these are the moments I wish I was living in New York City but it is probably for the best because if I ran into this group of people, I would lose it. I couldn’t calmly ask for a photo or anything, I would just freak out.

Happy birthday Trey, you have aged like a fine wine!

Also I can’t believe MTV has yet to do any type of reunion with this cast, they are really missing out on a giant ratings boost.

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Kristin Cavallari‚Äôs #TBT Will Make You Miss ‚ÄúLaguna Beach‚ÄĚ

Regardless of whether you were on Team Kristin or Team LC, I think we can all agree those Laguna Beach times were the good old days, and this #TBT Kristin Cavallari just posted takes us back!

Flipping through#BalancingInHeels is a little trip down memory lane. We were babies! Link in bio #LagunaBeach #HighSchool #TBT

Kristin wants to go and talk all this smack about ‘Laguna Beach‘ but she knows what the people want! No one wants to see a picture of your husband, we want more throwbacks like this, okay?

Apparently Kristin is coming out with a book about balancing her life or something like that, what better way to sell it then to let people know that they will get the scoop on some ‘Laguna Beach’ stuff. I don’t care how long ago that show aired I will watch it whenever it is on. You feel? Two season and that show changed reality television forever.

I may be team LC, but Kristin you were hilarious. Bring back that character you created and you’ll probably have your own show without any issue.

I would just like to add I can’t believe MTV hasn’t done a special with this cast. They need a two hour special with the cast from both season 1 and 2, it would break any record of any show ever aired on MTV.

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Kristin Cavallari Opens Up About ‘Laguna Beach’ To Elle Magazine

When asked why she continues to negotiate with an industry as fickle as Hollywood, Cavallari reminds me that she’s been working since she was 14 years old. “I was a hostess when MTV came,” she says, bundled up in a cashmere throw on an oversize couch in a living room littered with toys and the clutter of two little boys. “We filmed Thursday to Sunday, which is typically when I would host, so I had to quit my job essentially to do the show‚ÄĒand we got paid. So, yeah, I looked at it as a job.” It’s a pretty cynical outlook for a teenager who, along with about a dozen of her surf-loving, beach-highlighted schoolmates, was cast in the MTV series that would all but define aspirational youth for a generation. But, according to Cavallari, the premise of Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County was never properly explained to its subjects. “No one knew what that show was going to become, obviously,” she says. “I had envisioned it being, like, do you remember True Life on MTV? I thought it was going to be like that. None of us knew that it was going to be turned into a soap opera. And, so, filming the first season, we were sort of just going along with it, listening to producers, doing what they asked, not realizing‚ÄĒme especially‚ÄĒthat we were going to be edited the way we were.” The age-old plot that catapulted its two female leads, Kristin Cavallari and Lauren Conrad, into enduring fame was also news to the ensemble’s feisty underdog. “I also didn’t realize the love triangle was going on,” she says while Cutler and Camden roughhouse with a toy dustbuster on the carpet beneath her feet. “Steven [Colletti] was my real boyfriend, so that was really difficult for me to watch. Even though a lot of it was manipulated and for the show, it’s still hard to see your boyfriend going and hanging out with a girl that he probably normally wouldn’t. It was tough for me.” Of the media’s lasting fascination with their feud: “You were either the Lauren or you were the Kristin.” (

Kristin Cavallari has always been such an interesting person to me for a few different reasons. Well first off, she is still relevant. I don’t know what the fuck she does now other than interviews but she is relevant. Homegirl is out there hustling still and good for her. I want her to write a complete tell all about Laguna Beach since she bashes it every chance that she gets, but hey, apparently she doesn’t need to do that when she has platforms like Elle magazine.

Listen, everyone is aware that the show you were on as a teenager was moderately scripted and edited to look a certain way. She always says how she wasn’t that big of a bitch and so on. She played the part well which was nice though. I am also continued that she said she was only 14 when the show started? So at the moment she is 28, the show started in 2004, so she was most likely 16 when she was cast for the show. I don’t know if she is trying to mess with our heads, but you aren’t 24 Kristin.

I genuinely don’t know why she needs to bash the show that made her famous though. I know a lot of people do it but Kristin you are a reality television star who got lucky by marrying a pro athlete. People don’t know you as a fashion designer or a blogger, they know as the bad bitch from Laguna Beach.

Kristin Cavallari & Jay Cutler Are Expecting Their Third Child!

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 2.46.27 PM

Sneaky Kristin always being in the news for something. Now she is pregnant for the third time! Dear God this off season was clearly busy for Jay. They are building their own football team. Was that corny? Probably, whatever I don’t care.

Kristin all I can say is keep doing whatever it is you’re doing because somehow you are still relevant. You always wanted to be famous and now you are forever. Good for you!

Britney Spears Posts Photo With Kristin Cavallari

Kristin Cavallari is the sneakiest person in the entire world! She is so sneaky famous I can’t even handle it! I mean I loved ‘Laguna Beach’ as much as the nest young female in the early 2000’s then of course she had to sneak in and steal ‘The Hills’ after Lauren flew the coup.

I have no idea how Kristin does it but she remains in the limelight, some how. I feel like at this point in my life I will probably never understand it, and that is okay. I have some to accept the fact that Kristin Cavallari has been famous for a solid ten years and will probably continue to be famous because she was such a bad bitch in high school.

Somehow she is still famous enough to get a picture with the queen Britney Spears, could you imagine if someone like Alex M tried to get backstage? People would laugh in her face! Not Kristin though, she knows how to pull strings, and marry football players.

Sneaky Kristin, I am going to keep up with Kristin now. Honestly, I am so surprised that she doesn’t have her own reality television show. Is anyone else surprised by this?

The Top Ten Hottest NFL Players To Welcome Football Season!

Alrighty so obviously it is football season and all the guys are pumped, and some girls are pumped for it to start back up! I for one can’t wait since I know that football involved hot football players, nachos of some sort, and usually alcohol! To get all of us riled up for football season here are the top ten hottest football players in the NFL!

10. Victor Cruz

Know why I like this guy? It is because he does a little dance every time that he gets a touchdown, his own little salsa like dance and I am about that life. If you want to go and do a dance after you get some points, you do that dance! Some stats on this man, he is 6’0″ and plays for the New York Giants!

9. Russell Wilson

So this is Russell Wilson, the quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks and he is adorable. Now he was the Superbowl MVP last season and apparently he is going to be really good this season too! I don’t know, I just over hear these things. Anyway, he looks like a little teddy bear and I love it!

8. Aaron Rogers

Now for a little while I thought that Aaron Rogers was one of the hottest guys on the planet, then I googled his name and realized I didn’t actually know who Aaron Rogers was. He is attractive for sure, reminds me of an old Jason Wahler from Laguna Beach. I will say I am a big fan of him when he is wearing a hat, so there you go! Also he is a quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, some facts right there for you!

7. Jay Cutler

You don’t just marry Laguna Beach’s ultimate bad girl Kristin Cavallari by being a good football player, you also have to be insanely attractive. Let me introduce you to Mr. Kristin Cavallari, Jay Cutler. Look at that jawline, that messy helmet hair, and those blue eyes. I see why you wanted to get with him Kristin, I appreciate your taste in men. Another quarterback, can ya believe it?

6.Miles Austin

Remember this guy? Miles Austin is famous for dating Kim Kardashian for about a minute and also for being a really good football player! Who would’ve known? Austin plays for the Dallas Cowboys and he is a receiver for the team, so that is cool. Anyway with those dreamy blue eyes and gorgeous smile, how can you go wrong?

5. Cam Newton

Cam Newton is an absolute babe for multiple reasons, but mostly, let’s just focus on that gorgeous smile he has going on right there. How can you not love that smile? Just another quarterback on this list, can’t go wrong with a team captain either. He plays for the Carolina Panthers and he is extremely attractive. Use that fact when your boyfriend asks if you know anything about football!

4. Mark Sanchez

I don’t know much about Mark Sanchez other than he is extremely attractive. I have heard that he isn’t the best quarterback in the world but hey, I don’t really care. Look at those hazel eyes, so cute. He was on the Jets but I guess he didn’t do well because now he is on the Eagles where maybe he will do better? It doesn’t matter, he is a hot version of Fez and that is all that matters.

3. Tom Brady

Just because Tommy boy was my man crush Monday that doesn’t mean that he automatically wins this contest of being hottest NFL player. He is one of the hottest, that is for sure but he is just tpo three in my opinion. Alright? Just because you win one week doesn’t make you the king! He really does win right? One of the best quarterbacks of all time, insanely attractive, and married to a billionaire super model? You basically win at life Tom.

2. Reggie Bush

Reggie Bush you are a God among men, that is all that needs to be said. I am also very happy he never married Kim Kardashian, just her look alike.

1. Julian Edelman

Julian Edelman is a wide receiver for the New England Patriots and he is hotter than Tom Brady! You hear that? Everyone can be all in love with Brady and Gronkowski and I will just be over here loving Edelman because look at him. He kind of reminds me of a more manly David Beckham and I don’t hate it. In fact I love it. Those blue eyes, that scruff, his dimple chin, I love it all!

So there is your list of the most attractive NFL players in the league at the moment! I also hope that I gave you some helpful facts when you are forced to watch a game. Whip out some of that knowledge and you will blow some minds.

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What It Means To Be Team LC or Team Kristin Ten Years Later

If you were a young adult, no I hate that saying, if you were a teenager in the early 2000’s there was one rivalry that you couldn’t get away from, Kristin Cavallari vs Lauren Conrad. For those of you that didn’t indulge in reality television at the tender age of 12 they were on the MTV hit reality show Laguna Beach. Then they were both on the hit reality show The Hills and since then neither of them have been on a hit reality show. Lauren Conrad has moved on to fashion and writing her own successful book series, while Kristin Cavallari now has two kids with football player Jay Cutler and remains in the spotlight for a number of different things.

Back to the rivalry though! Everyone knows Lauren Conrad as the sweet girl next door who had a big old crush on Stephen Colletti but never really had her shot, until she kissed him while he was dating Kristin Cavallari. Yet some how Kristin stole him from Lauren, I don’t really remember, it has been a few years since I have watched the first season. ANYWAY it was clear down the line, some girls loved Kristin and some girls loved LC.

If you were a team Lauren fan there was a good chance that you had your heart broken by a Stephen type of character growing up. You were probably really good friends with them but that was all that you would ever be, a friend. They always looked at other girls and you sat around waiting for your chance. Team Kristin was the opposite, these types of girls go after what they want and don’t really care who they hurt in the process, as long as they get who or what they want.

There are both good and bad in both of these teams. Team Lauren seemed boring simply because even though Lauren Conrad went on to be one of the biggest reality stars of all time, she was kind of boring. She would sit in the corner and pout about how Stephen didn’t love her. Team Kristin was just a wild card in general, she could be dancing on a bar or she could be trying to sneakily steal your boyfriend. Always a tough battle.

Ten years later though I think it goes to show that everyone who was on Team LC chose the right team. Lauren Conrad is still talked about constantly even when she is being called basic by Seventeen Magazine whereas Kristin Cavallari is just praying to be talked about at all. Maybe in high school Kristin was the it girl but the moment she graduated she chased after Lauren’s coattails all the way to The Hills.

Team LC for life! Everyone has a little bit of Team Kristin in them though.

Tell me if you were Team LC or Team Kristin here!

How Is Kristin Cavallari Still Relevant?


If you had of asked me ten years ago when Laguna Beach first aired who the big star would be, I would say Lauren Conrad. I have always been team Lauren and always will be. I have to say one thing though, Kristin Cavallari just won’t quit. When she was falling off the radar she swooped in to try and save ‘The Hills’ and then when that ended she ended up getting pregnant by a famous athlete.

I have to say that this girl has some serious hustle, she just doesn’t give any fucks. Even on E! before The Oscars she was talking about fashion! LC runs her own fashion line but nope, there is Kristin Cavallari at the hottest event of the year talking about dresses. I truly just don’t understand how this even happens!

Now I see her at a trending topic on Facebook because she doesn’t want to vaccinate her children! She always has an angle and knows how to work it. I bet that she just sits there still and throws darts at Lauren Conrad’s face because she knows she will never be quiet a power house like Lauren is.

Keep trucking Kristin Cavallari maybe in another 10 years you will finally make it to having your own talk show or something. It wouldn’t surprise me at this rate.