Tyga Has A Reality Show Called ‘Kingin’ Coming Out Soon

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Now after watching the trailer I have learned a few things. Tyga has a lot of money and spends it like it is going out of style. To be honest I didn’t even know that Tyga was the popular. I remember his ‘Rack City’ song that was hot for like two seconds but other than that, I would say that I haven’t heard anything else. Although he did grow up in Malibu, although he says he grew up in Compton. There are a ton of different stories involving that one.

It is pretty sad that he got most of his fame for dating a 17 year old. I wonder if she will be involved in the show. Probably not since if they get photographed kissing and such he could be arrested. I don’t care what anyone says 17 and 25 is kind of gross, especially because he has a child.

Watch the trailer if you want, if you don’t I don’t blame you.