Did Kanye West Hack Kim Kardashian’s Twitter?

As most people know yesterday Kim wanted the attention back on her and posted a nude picture on her Instagram. Well a mostly nude picture, she did put black bars over her private areas but that was all. Again it was nothing that we haven’t seen before considering how she made a name for herself.

Anyway, Bette Midler, a comedian posted this tweet, to me it was something the late, great Joan Rivers would have said.

Actress Chloe Grace Moretz came out and tweeted this

And then Kanye stole Kim’s twitter and went insane. Why do I think it was Kanye and not Kim? Well number one, Kanye is not stable, I don’t care what anyone says. Number two, Kim ignores all of that hate. She gets a lot of it for different reasons but she actually does a really good job at ignoring whatever people say to her. I hardly think that Bette Midler and Chloe Grace Moretz would be the two people to really get under her skin.

Kim get Kanye off of your account.
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Kim Kardashian Releases New Emoji App

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Know what really sucks? I am going to make fun of this app so hard but at the end of the day a ton of people are going to spend $1.99 to have them.

I hate this app, I really do. That is really all I have to say. I can’t imagine being as egotistical and materealistic as the Kardashian family. Homegirl you just gave birth, take a minute, sit back and relax. Don’t worry your company will still make an insane amount of money if you want to be a mom for a little while, I promise.

Kimoji, I hate this whole idea but there will be plenty of people who think they need an emoji of Kim crying and an emoji of Kim’s middle finger.

Do you think there there is a hand held camera to pay tribute to what she really got famous from? No? Yeah, you’re probably right.