Prince William & Kate Middleton Are Expecting Their Third Child!

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This is the kind of good news I wanted to start my Monday off with!

I think the whole world loves William and Kate, I mean don’t we all want Charles to be skipped over so William can be king? I think so.

Today Kensington Palace confirmed the rumor that has been circulating for a while now. Yes, William and Kate are expecting a third addition to their already beautiful family.

Now let’s place a bet, will they have a boy or girl?

For some reason, I am thinking girl.

Congrats to the happy and growing family!

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Prince Harry Wants Everyone To Stop Harassing Meghan Markle

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Sometime last week it came out that Prince Harry is dating ‘Suits’ actress Meghan Markle and the world lost their shit. I mean, they really lost their God damn mind. It is apparently the first time that a royal has had the audacity to date a peasant from America. That was a joke, yes, we are definitely peasants but Meghan is a total babe and does a lot for charity.

Anyway, the press has been pretty relentless about the relationship. I didn’t write about it simply because they have zero pictures together. I like to speculate as much as the next person but eh, it just didn’t seem that important.

Well Kensington Palace has had just about enough of the shit talking. They rarely comment on Harry’s love life, but apparently Harry wanted them to say something.

Here is what their official Twitter had to say.

You heard the Royals, stop the shit!

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