Destiny’s Child Get Together For The #MannequinChallenge

I swear to God, if this is why Density’s Child made their Instagram account again, I will flip out. You don’t play me like this. I get that this is some internet sensation but I will not be fucking cool with it!

Now that I got that off of my chest, this video was actually posted on Kelly Rowland’s Instagram so I have a feeling that something big is going to happen. Some kind of reunion and we need it! We need Destiny’s Child to come back into our lives.

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For real though, this challenge creeps me out, I don’t like it one bit.

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Is There A Destiny’s Child Reunion In The Works?

Everyone is freaking out and for good reason. A few days ago an official Destiny’s Child Instagram popped up and well, that can only mean one thing, right? It has to mean that there is a reunion on the way. I won’t take another answer!

People can say that Beyonce was the only one who sang and had talent in the group. That’s fine, keep being ignorant. Truthfully each of these ladies can sing the roof off of anywhere that they are performing. My personal favorite is Kelly but even Michelle who doesn’t get enough credit can sing!

There has been nothing official posted about a reunion or anything like that, but I am praying that this is real life. These independent women were my girls back in the day.

Does this mean a reunion? Let me know!

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Nelly & Taylor Swift Duet To ‘Dilemma’ At Karlie Kloss’ Birthday Party

Taylor Swift and Haim Perform 'Hot in Herre' with Nelly in St. Louis

What else would happen at Karlie Kloss‘ birthday bash, right? I mean, why not invite Nelly and Taylor Swift and then they just so happen to go up on stage and karaoke ‘Dilemma’.

Let’s be real, although he hasn’t put out a song in a while, Nelly will always be one of the best rappers of the 2000’s. Calm down, I didn’t say the best but he gave us some seriously awesome bops. He also has a certified diamond record, something not many artists have.

This isn’t even their first duet together. Their first time happened on the 1989 tour where she pulled him up on stage in his hometown of St.Louis.

Now the internet hates this duet because obviously Kelly Rowland‘s vocals are incredible and right now everyone hates Taylor Swift, but I can appreciate this for what it is. Karaoke. Well karaoke for Taylor and a performance for Nelly.

Hate it or love it, I bet that you sang along.

UPDATE: My mistake, it wasn’t for Karlie Kloss’ birthday, it was for oil heir Mike Hess’ birthday. Sorry about that guys!

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Destiny’s Child Reunite For Kelly Rowland’s Birthday!

I still have hope that this band will make it’s comeback. Unless Justin Timberlake, Beyonce is very proud of her roots with her band. They always hang out, well hang out a lot, and I have a feeling that eventually they will have a comeback tour.

These ladies all gathered together to celebrate Kelly Rowland’s birthday and they all look flawless!

Let’s make this comeback happen though, okay? I might just start a petition or something, that might get something done, right?

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Demi Lovato is leaving The X-Factor


So today Demi put out a statement that after this season she will not be returning to The X-Factor and is anyone really all that shocked? Personally I love the concept of X-factor, putting people in different categories, all of that is brilliant. The show just never had much steam to begin with. So I highly doubt that there will even be a next season. It has brought some semi big stars to the spotlight though, by stars I mean the girl group Fifth Harmony who will be opening for Demi in her upcoming tour. Other than that they are just kind of “meh” singers.

I must say I did enjoy this season of the X-Factor because Kelly Rowland seems like a really good time. I feel like as the season went on though Demi wasn’t really into it anymore. Demi is only 21 and was trying to promote her brand along with coaching her team. I do wonder how much say the coaches actually have though. I feel like they just kind of show up for filming and then it is said and done.

You know what Demi good for you jumping off of this sinking ship of a show! You have a tour coming up, a new book, girl you have too much going on to sit behind a damn table! All you have to do is break up with creepy Wilmer Vaalderrama and you will be all set!