Ryan Seacrest Will Host ‘American Idol’ Reboot

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I am still not totally sure if I am here for an American Idol reboot. The show ended and should stay in the cancelled locker forever. Near the end, nobody cared about the show, that simple. Also adding Katy Perry as judge definitely doesn’t make me want to watch.

Yesterday Ryan Seacrest confirmed that he would be hosting the show again, and I get it. He was the host for so long that he doesn’t want anyone else to take over the crown.

Why though?

Do I think that this reboot will somehow make the show relevant again? No, I think that people are kind of over singing competitions at the moment.

American Idol definitely changed a lot for pop culture, there is no denying that. Having Simon, Paula, and Randy behind the judges desk, having Ryan as a host. The chemistry was amazing, the contestants were great for the most part. Hell, American Idol taught American to text.

This just doesn’t sit well with me, I can’t help it.

It has also been confirmed that this will not interfere with any of his other jobs.

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Zac Efron Talks About His Phone Call With Michael Jackson

Can you even imagine what it would feel like for one of your idols to give you a call and say that they are a fan of yours?

I would absolutely lose my mind if it happened.

It seems like Zac Efron had the same kind of reaction when he got a call from The King of Pop himself Michael Jackson during his ‘High School Musical’ days.

Today Zac was on ‘Live With Kelly & Ryan’ promoting his new movie ‘Baywatch’, when he talked about the conversation. Not many men will admit to crying but it seems like Zac had no issue doing so when MJ gave him a call.

Can’t blame him.

During the segment they also asked about a favorite Michael Jackson song, so you all know mine is ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’, doesn’t get better than that.

Check out the interview though! It’s pretty adorable.

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Kelly Ripa Announces Ryan Seacrest As New Co-Host !

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After reading through some comments on Facebook the fans of ‘Live With Kelly’, now ‘Live With Kelly & Ryan’ are going insane! There are some fans who hate it, others who love it, others who stopped watching because of her revolving door of co-hosts.

Know what I think?

Smart move by the producers. They know that eventually Kelly is going to want to retire and they need a strong co-host to keep the show going. Who else can do that? Ryan Seacrest.

I know a lot of people hate Kelly Ripe but I find her absolutely hysterical. I think that I am the only person under the age of 40 that watches the show whenever I get the chance.

Kelly Ripa, you’re a legend. Ryan Seacrest is also a legend.

Good choice by the producers.

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Kelly Ripa Returns To ‘Live’ And Gives Heartfelt Speech

So many things have been said in the news over the past few days about Kelly Ripa and truly it isn’t fair. Kelly Ripa stood up for what she believed was right, she was blindsided and obviously upset. Most people don’t realize that she has worked with ABC for over 20 years and she had a feeling that they were trying to push her out, so she pushed back. God forbid a woman stands up for what she believes is right and pushes back for once. This doesn’t make her a “bitch” or a “diva” it makes her human. It also makes her smart, she refused to come back until ABC promised that ‘Live’ was still important to the network.

People can say whatever but she handled this well. She had an already planned vacation for her family and instead of making any jabs, she laid it all out on the table during her little speech.

I have been watching Kelly on ‘Live’ since I was 9 years old, I also have the television taste of a 60 year old retired woman, but that’s not the point. Kelly Ripa has always been on point, she is funny, and she does her job well. Remember how she handled the Clay Aiken mess? She came out on top on that one.

So to sit behind a screen and call this hard working woman a bitch, or telling her to put on her big girl pants, you sit down. She worked hard to be where she is at and she has worked hard to keep ‘Live’ one of the best rated morning shows.

Shame on all of you. Yes, she gets paid to talk on television but she is human. She is also business savvy and wasn’t about to be bumped from the 9 am spot that she has worked to keep after Regis left.

I applaud Kelly Ripa at not making this messy, at taking a few days off to collect her thoughts, then coming back and openly congratulating Michael on air.

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Kelly Ripa M.I.A After Michael Strahan Announcement

No show: Kelly Ripa (above on April 4)did not appear on Live With Kelly and Michael Wednesday morning, the day after it was announced Michael Strahan was leaving

So there are a lot of reports going around right now about Michael Strahan leaving Live With Kelly and Michael. As most people know by now he is heading over to GMA where he can do more interviews and just be the likable guy that we all know.

There have been reports that the money that Michael will be making will change his life and that one of the Disney executives put together this deal without talking to Kelly, Gellman, and the rest of the staff about him leaving.

Now everyone is saying that no one except old women care. I care! I love Kelly Ripa and I love morning shows, how else do you spend you sick days? I spend them laughing at the banter between Michael and Kelly, and I used to spend them laughing at the banter between Kelly and Regis. That’s just how it works. Money talks though, obviously Michael couldn’t say no to the money that he was being offered. I just think it’s all shady.

I am going to say this, are you ready? I think that ABC is trying to get Kelly Ripa out, much like the Today show did with Ann Curry. They will probably try and extend GMA into a third hour which means bye bye to Live, even though Live has better ratings.

So much drama! My lord you would think that it would Laguna Beach all over again!

Today though, SNL alum Ana Gasteyer filled in for Kelly. Michael had this to say.

Out: Kelly Ripa did not appear on Live With Kelly and Michael Wednesday morning, the day after it was announced Michael Strahan was leaving (Strahan above with guest cohost Ana Gasteyer)

He explained that he will be making the move in September, and that he really isn’t going anywhere.

‘It is the same channel. I am not going anywhere, I was reading some stuff and it was like I had died. It’s not a eulogy people.’

Michael did mention Kelly at the end of the program though saying ‘I really wan to thank, of course, Kelly Ripa, Kelly welcomed me here and I’ve learned so much from her and she’s just been an amazing influence on me and this has truly changed my life to be here with her. And I know that the show will continue to be strong and great because of Kelly and Michael Gellman and the staff here because everybody here is so talented. This show has not been around for over 30 years by mistake.Kelly, I thank you. I love you … and I’m not going to cry on TV mama, I promise you.

I would be afraid of an angry Kelly Ripa too, she is little but I am sure she throw one hhell of a bitch fit.

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Michael Strahan Is Leaving LIVE! With Kelly & Michael

Apparently Michael Strahan is leaving LIVE, there has been no official date or anything like that but he is going to be on ‘Good Morning America’ full time instead of splitting his time between the two programs.

I can’t even lie this makes me sad because Michael and Kelly are absolutely hilarious together. Their chemistry is great but hey, as long as Kelly Ripa is still on it then the show has a shot to stay high in the rating.

So let’s think who should take Michael’s place? I am going to say Anderson Cooper should since he is best friends with Kelly, but he is a bit too serious, in my humble opinion. I am going to go with Nick Lachey as my final vote.

Okay, so when Nick Lachey gets the hosting gig, you heard it from me first!

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