The Demi Lovato & Kathy Griffin Feud Has Been Reignited!

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Oh shit! Last night Demi threw some serious shade Kathy Griffin after her apology about the Donald Trump photo.

Their weird feud goes all the way back to 2014 when Kathy was asked who the biggest celebrity douche she had ever met was, she responded Debbie (Demi) Lovato. Demi went on to say that she was only a douche to people she couldn’t stand.

Really I love Demi but there have been plenty of reports that she is a lowkey asshole. A lot of people who work on her tour say that she doesn’t even say hi to them. So I mean, maybe Kathy wasn’t wrong.

Anyway, after Kathy apologized about the beheaded Trump photo, Demi spilled some tea with one simple tweet.

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Kathy Griffin Fired From CNN After Controversial Trump Photo

Listen, if you haven’t seen the photo of Kathy holding Trump’s head, just go and Google it, I am not going to post it here.

In my opinion, Kathy Griffin absolutely went too far by posting this photo, but that’s what comedians do. They are known for pushing the limits and all of that shit.

Trump took to Twitter to call Kathy disgusting or whatever, but he had no issue supporting Ted Nugent when Ted said Obama should be killed.

It’s all a lot of hypocrisy.

CNN even dropped her from their New Year’s Eve telecast that she has been on since 2007.

Was it wrong posing a photo like that? Absolutely.

I am still a fan of Kathy, I stand by the comedic legend.

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Kathy Griffin Has A New Book Coming Out!

So Kathy Griffin is by far one of my all time favorite comedians. She is someone who is very true to herself and her jokes are hysterical. Kathy is seriously one of the greatest female comedians of all time, I am very sure of that.

If you haven’t heard her stand up about running into different celebrities, I suggest you go on YouTube and look up literally anything. You will love it.

That is why I am excited for this book. I can only imagine how hysterical a lot of these will be. Kathy is someone who is always so honest, or seems honest about her stories with whatever celebrity. She has nothing to lose, she seems to actually love the fact that she is on the “D List” even though she is definitely an A list comedian.

The truth is that Kathy is one of the reasons I wanted to start this blog. I love to add humor to writing and her style of stand up really did inspire me. Kathy and Chelsea Handler are the reason Celebrities Are Tragic even started.

I can’t wait to start this book! You should order it too! It is out November 22nd!

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