Prince William & Kate Middleton Are Expecting Their Third Child!

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This is the kind of good news I wanted to start my Monday off with!

I think the whole world loves William and Kate, I mean don’t we all want Charles to be skipped over so William can be king? I think so.

Today Kensington Palace confirmed the rumor that has been circulating for a while now. Yes, William and Kate are expecting a third addition to their already beautiful family.

Now let’s place a bet, will they have a boy or girl?

For some reason, I am thinking girl.

Congrats to the happy and growing family!

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See Kate Middleton’s Touching Tribute To Princess Diana

Kate Middleton is truly the definition of class. Last night she was spotted wearing Diana’s favorite tiara, such a beautiful gesture. It seems as though Kate has almost modeled herself after Diana in a way, which isn’t surprising because of how William has truly kept his mother’s spirit alive for all these years.


William & Kate Officially Name The New Princess, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana

Royal baby

Welcome to the world as an officially named baby, rather than baby number two or princess. Although princess wouldn’t be a bad name to be called.

Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, you have an incredible life ahead of yourself and I hope that you do good in this world.

Also, I am so happy that they decided to add Diana in the name, I can only imagine how important that was to William.