Nelly & Taylor Swift Duet To ‘Dilemma’ At Karlie Kloss’ Birthday Party

Taylor Swift and Haim Perform 'Hot in Herre' with Nelly in St. Louis

What else would happen at Karlie Kloss‘ birthday bash, right? I mean, why not invite Nelly and Taylor Swift and then they just so happen to go up on stage and karaoke ‘Dilemma’.

Let’s be real, although he hasn’t put out a song in a while, Nelly will always be one of the best rappers of the 2000’s. Calm down, I didn’t say the best but he gave us some seriously awesome bops. He also has a certified diamond record, something not many artists have.

This isn’t even their first duet together. Their first time happened on the 1989 tour where she pulled him up on stage in his hometown of St.Louis.

Now the internet hates this duet because obviously Kelly Rowland‘s vocals are incredible and right now everyone hates Taylor Swift, but I can appreciate this for what it is. Karaoke. Well karaoke for Taylor and a performance for Nelly.

Hate it or love it, I bet that you sang along.

UPDATE: My mistake, it wasn’t for Karlie Kloss’ birthday, it was for oil heir Mike Hess’ birthday. Sorry about that guys!

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Taylor Swift Reminds Us That She Had The Best 4th Of July

I have a lot of questions about Taylor Swift‘s annual Fourth Of July party.

  1. When did it get so lame? The first one she had Emma Stone, Ed Sheeran, and a few of her other famous friends. Last year she had Nick Jonas and Joe Jonas, along with well basically the same crew. This group of girls, I mean other than Rachel Platten, Blake Lively, and Uzo Aduba it looks like a bunch of chicks who won’t eat burgers. Actually, Gigi Hadid is pretty cool, she can stay. Karlie can stay too because shes been there all three years.
  2. Where was my invite? Did I not get invited because I am so negative? I will eat all the left over food, I promise.
  3. Did she hire her own barge for the fireworks? I think the answer is yes.

Alright, those are just a few of my questions, I am sure that I will think of more as the times comes. Like, did Ryan and Tom feel like they were babysitters? I feel like they probably did. Although Ryan has those leg tats, so maybe he is still wild as hell.

Today Taylor took to Instagram and Facebook to remind us all that she is really, really rich and has the best time ever with her friends while we all have trouble figuring out how to split the bill evenly between four people. Or we try and play hello titty with the bartender for free drinks, you know, normal peasant stuff.

And finally the most “candid” photo of some couples looking super casual. Taylor wanting to remind everyone that her and Tom are real, after he wore that horrible shirt, and Ryan Reynolds looking like he wants to get the fuck out of there.

I feel like such a peasant.

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Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris Join Gigi Hadid & Joe Jonas On Boat Ride Through London!

Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris Join Pals Gigi Hadid and Joe Jonas for a Boat Ride in London

So Taylor Swift has been doing her European leg of the ‘1989’ tour and clearly has been having a great time. Know who else is having a great time, Calvin Harris and Karlie Kloss. Joe Jonas on the other hand? Well he looks pretty damn miserable and I think that I know why. If you think about it, after he broke up with Taylor Swift his career went way down hill. He had the potential to be the Jonas Brother to really break out, but he didn’t because he broke up with America’s sweetheart T.Swift and she wrote a ton of songs to remind everyone that he broke her heart. Now he is dating her good friend Gigi Hadid, who is a model or something, and has to see T.Swift constantly.

Apparently Swift’s parents were also along for the ride, so Karlie wasn’t just a fifth wheel, she was a seventh wheel! What a trooper!

I still can’t get over Joe Jonas though, he is so miserable because Nick is now the hottest Jonas and he will never have a solo career. All because T.Swift completely ruined him.

Seriously though, who is Gigi Hadid?