Justin Bieber Got A New “Child Of God” Tattoo

Justin Bieber In Concert - 2016 Purpose World Tour - Seattle, WA
Photo: Getty Images

Let me be clear, I hate most of Justin Bieber‘s tattoos, I think that they look trashy and they aren’t well thought out. Of course what do I know about how he thinks about tattoos, I would say the only one that I kind of like are the wings at the bottom of his neck. Those came out nice bt all of the other ones, not a huge fan. The one another his belly button and the Respect down his neck are the worst. So I thought.

Looks like Justin went the Tupac route and wanted to get a tattoo across his stomach. Let me be clear, Tupac’s tattoo was incredible, it fit him.

This Bieber tattoo though? What a fucking mess. Nothing like Son of God across your stomach. Personally I feel like he has some kind of God complex, but I won’t get into that. Some will just say he is spiritual but it is more than that, we all know it!

Check out the picture and let me know if you love it or hate it.

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A Complete List Of Who Is Performing At The 2016 American Music Awards

Related image

Tomorrow night (November 20th) the American Music Awards will be taking place and the line up is absolutely insane. One thing about this awards show is that it isn’t really much of an award show. I think they give out like five awards but most of it is live performances.

This year it is like your radio is going to be performing live, so if you aren’t completely sick of hearing Fifth Harmony or the song “Closer” yet, it is the right show for you.

It is being hosted by Jay Pharoah and Gigi Hadid.

Check out who will be performing!

Let’s be real, there will probably be some kind of surprise guest as well, which would be awesome. Word on the street is that Selena Gomez will be there even though she is taking time off to focus on her health.

Are you excited for the line up?

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Justin Bieber Walks Off Stage In Manchester After Crowd Boos Him!

Photo published for Justin Bieber storms off stage in Manchester after crowd booed him when he told them to stop...

Oh my god Justin Bieber, you’re the absolute worst. You are seriously the fucking worst. These fans pay to see you sing, not listen to your stoner rambling about life and trying to be philosophical. When you’re at concerts, you are supposed to scream and cheer and be in the moment. Sure, some artists talk to the crowd but nobody complains about screaming. Take that back, once at a concert I was at, Ed Sheeran asked the crowd to be quiet so he could sing a song about his grandfather who passed away. I could understand that.

Anyway, Justin Bieber hates his fans most of the time. He doesn’t want to take photos with them, he doesn’t want to have any meet and greets, and now he doesn’t want them to scream. He would like them to listen to his rambling.

Well, Manchester wasn’t having it tonight and they booed him off stage. Good for you Manchester, I am proud of you guys!

Honestly, I don’t know how Bieber even has fans. He doesn’t appreciate the support that they show. Beliebers are fucking insane too believe me, I have been in many Twitter battles with them. They are passionate and will defend Bieber to their grave. He doesn’t care though.

In my opinion, Bieber has some kind of God complex shit going on. It’s like Kanye. Nobody wants to hear you’re thoughts on life and everything else, they just want you to thank them for being there and perform.

How long until the next Bieber meltdown?

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Justin Bieber & Sofia Richie Have Broken Up

Image result for justin bieber sofia richie kissing

Justin Bieber and Sofia Richie were pretty hot and heavy for a solid two months or so, but like most young loves, it fizzled out quickly. Since their trip to Mexico for Sofia’s birthday the couple hadn’t been spotted out much and word on the street is that Bieber wanted to be single.

If you can remember, Bieber deactivated his Instagram because Beliebers hated the fact he was with Sofia and were pretty brutal on her comments. He yelled at them and then Selena Gomez yelled at him, it was a big old mess.

So does this mean Bieber will be back on Instagram? Or will be continue to be lowkey? I will give him two weeks before he is on Instagram.
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Justin Bieber Claims Activating His Instagram Was An Accident

So earlier today I posted about how Bieber was making his big comeback on Instagram, looks like I was wrong. Well I was half wrong. He did in fact activate it again, but he claims that it was it was an accident. Maybe he was just feeling left out because he wasn’t at the VMAs and wanted some attention back on him.

Sorry Beliebers, your boy still isn’t back on the app and just reactivated his account to tease you.

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Justin Bieber Is Back On Instagram

Well Justin Beiber is back on Instgram after all of that drama that happened a few weeks back. It looks like he has decided to get back on the social media saddle because he can’t go too long without being in the news for a selfie. We all know that.

Over the weekend his rumor girlfriend Sofia Richie turned 18, so maybe now that she is legal he wants to continue to post their budding romance? Who knows, but I am still very surprised he hasn’t posted a long notepad screen shot about how bullied he is on the internet.

Are you happy that Bieber is back? Let me know on Facebook or Twitter, click the links below!

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Justin Bieber Officially Deactivates His Instagram

Welp, it looks like the drama is finally over, for now at least. Justin Bieber has deactivated his account after all of the back and forth between him and Selena Gomez.

In case you live under a rock, or simply don’t care about Bieber drama, which I totally understand, here is the timeline of events that lead up to this.

  1. Justin tells fans he is going to put his Instagram on private
  2. Selena tells Bieber to be nice to his fans
  3. Justin accuses Selena of using him
  4. Selena lets the world know that Justin cheated on her
  5. Justin implies that Selena cheated on him with Zayn Malik

How wild, right? Just a wild ride on Instagram of finger pointing.

Now how did Twitter react? They through themselves a big old party! In fact, they threw themselves a , so it looks like the 70 million followers he did have on Instagram, aren’t really that sad to see him go.

I give it 36 hours until he is back up and running, he can’t go too long without attention.

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Did Justin Bieber Imply That Selena Gomez Cheated On Him With Zayn Malik?

photo credit

Last night got really wild on Instagram, in case you didn’t know. Selena and Justin were going back and forth after he threatened to put his Instagram on private.

This is how it went.

  1. Justin tells fans he is going to put his Instagram on private
  2. Selena tells Bieber to be nice to his fans
  3. Justin accuses Selena of using him
  4. Selena lets the world know that Justin cheated on her
  5. Justin implies that Selena cheated on him with Zayn Malik

Wait, what?! I always knew that Selena was linked to Niall Horan, but Zayn? I didn’t see that one coming! Is it true? I’m not sure, Selena and Zayn have literally never been spotted together but I mean, it could have happened.

Personally, I just think that Justin wanted to get the last word in. He looked stupid and wanted to try and make Selena look bad as well, try being the key word of course.

I am still on Team Selena, and I am still waiting for Justin to post a long text notepad screenshot to Instagram, we all know that it is coming.

It is interesting how most people are reporting only about this, not about how Selena claims Justin cheated first. Hm, I had a feeling that Justin’s claims would get more attention. It’s sexist and gross.

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Selena Gomez Calls Out Justin Bieber For Cheating On Her!

Grab the popcorn because it is going to be a long night!

Here have been the events so far.

  1. Justin tells fans he is going to put his Instagram on private
  2. Selena tells Bieber to be nice to his fans
  3. Justin accuses Selena of using him
  4. Selena lets the world know that Justin cheated on her

OH SHIT! Justin you can’t come back from this! I am ready though. This is going to be one of those things where Justin starts saying that he is being picked on.

Selena, you keep on slaying girl. Air that dirty laundry, we are ready!

We are all Team Selena, right? Selena has ended Justin.

Really though, I am shook.


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Justin Bieber Claps Back At Selena Gomez

Instagram is on fire tonight! So far this is what has happened. Justin Bieber told his fans that he wanted to make his account private because they are haters, Selena Gomez and Madison Beer told Justin to be nice to his fans, now Justin has a little bit more to say. Everybody knows that Bieber needs to get the last word and can’t let anything go.

So even though Selena did comment on the photo, she quickly deleted the comment, it was there long enough for screenshots though, bless screenshots.

Anyway, here is how Bieber responded to Selena’s diss to him.

So now, Bieber used the term Belieber again and the Beliebers will forgive him.

I give it six hours before Justin posts a long text picture to Instagram explaining why he is upset, and why fans should feel bad for him.

Did Selena use Bieber though? I feel like that isn’t right. Maybe they used each other but I would say that it was a mutual use of their relationship. Justin was the one who couldn’t and wouldn’t stop talking about their relationship. He hinted at his heartbreak to sell records, I mean if I was to say who used who, I would say Bieber used Selena all the way.

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