Check Out The First Official Trailer For ‘Justice League’

Although I didn’t grow up reading comic books or anything like that, I am all here for superhero movies. I think that most of them are actually really entertaining.

We all know that ‘The Avengers’ have been taking over box office records but this movie looks like it could definitely be a contender. I know that DC has had a bit of trouble with movies since their Superman against Batman movie kind of tanked.

So yeah, I think this movie will do great. Jason Momoa is in it, that’s enough of a reason for me to see it.

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Man Crush Monday: Jason Momoa

Back in the day if you asked me what Comic-con was I would say that it was somewhere comic book nerds gathered to talk about well, comic books. That is only kind of right though. The hottest actors in the world go sit at panels and talk about their upcoming comic book, or syfy movies that are coming out and get the world all hyped up.

Well Comic-con happened this past weekend and let me tell you something. Jason Momoa is my new obsession. Apparently he was in ‘Game of Thrones’ for a while, I have never watched the show but he is going to play Aquaman in the just ‘Justice League’ which is apparently going to be bad ass.

So let’s start with some facts about Jason. He is married to Lisa Bonet (one of the most beautiful women ever if you ask me), he is 6’4″, he has two children, oh and he was in ‘Baywatch’ I mean obviously only extremely attractive actors were allowed on that show, so of course he was on that.

Personally, I don’t know what more I can say other than that I am in love with him. I will of course admire from a far Lisa, don’t you worry.

Happy Monday, I hope this hunk starts your week off right!

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Can We Talk About How Insanely Buff J.K. Simmons Is?

JK Simmons final

It has been very well documented that J.K. Simmons can step into just about any role and do a great job with it. He won an Oscar for his performance in ‘Whiplash’ and he is one of the most reputable actors out there.

At 61 though he decided to go through a complete body transformation and I don’t know how I feel about it. Obviously it is awesome that he is getting into such good shape, but I feel like he looks like a photoshopped picture. A big old Santa beard and guns that could be illegal in some states.

The actor is set to play Commissioner James Gordon in the upcoming “Justice League” movie, where he will be playing alongside Henry Cavill, Jason Momoa, and Ben Affleck, so I get why he wants to buff up.

You go J.K. Simmons! You keep getting buff even though I am kind of terrified about it but you do your thing!

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