Man Crush Monday: Ryan Reynolds

It’s about damn time that Ryan Reynolds gets the credit that he deserves for his acting ability, that is all that I can say. He has been a solid actor since ‘Van Wilder’ but for some reason he never seemed to get credit. In my opinion he is a great comedic actor with incredible timing, ‘Just Friends’ is easily one of the most underrated romcoms of our time!

This Canadian import was recently named ‘Sexiest Dad Alive’ by People magazine and I must agree that he is right up there. I would say that maybe David Beckham and definitely Chris Hemsworth give him a run for his money, but hey, he is easily top 5 material.

By the way unless you have been living under a rock Ryan’s latest movie ‘Deadpool’ is biggest superhero movie of all time, so if you ask me, that is pretty impressive. Not to mention he is married to Blake Lively and they look perfect together, so their daughter must be adorable, genetically gifted from day one. His life is going pretty well right now.

Happy Monday!

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