Man Crush Monday: Chris Pratt

Now normally I don’t like to do a double Man Crush Monday title, I like to give the guys a week then move on to the next hottie. I have to break my rule for Chris Pratt though. I mean this man is absolutely gorgeous and hilarious too, which always helps. He has a great smile, incredible eyes, and perfect everything else. Plus he is married to Anna Farris one of my all time favorites!

Chris Pratt went from the fat funny guy to the absolutely ripped and hot funny guy, so either way he has always been a winner. I can remember him back on ‘The O.C.’ trying to break up Seth and Summer. He has come a long way since those days!

Let’s be real. Chris Pratt is the next big thing, we are going to be seeing a lot of him so we might as well get used to it.

Happy Monday! Also Chris congrats on being the first double crown winner of the MCM title on Celebrities Are Tragic!