Lady Gaga Pays Tribute To Julie Andrews At The 2015 Oscars

Last night Lady Gaga did an incredible job honoring the incredible Julie Andrews. I do think that everyone was kind of surprised that she was able to belt like that. I mean it is hard to remember that she is a great singer when she does all of that weird stuff. I mean there is really no need for her to sing like how she usually does, like ‘Applause’ because she could out sing just about any female singer at the moment.

Lady Gaga is coming in hot lately, right? I mean she looked incredible at the Grammys, now here she is singing her ass off at the Oscars. I mean I feel like Gaga is coming out with something big. Can you imagine if she made an album singing like this? It would sell much better than Art Flop, I will tell you that much.

So good for you Gaga for reminding people that you are actually a talented singer. Also let me just say when Julie Andrews walked out in stage, I started to clap inside my own house. Julie Andrews is a legend, she deserved to be honored.

I wonder how Carrie Underwood felt, you know because she did that whole live Sound Of Music thing, and it kind of sucked. No fault to her, she sang incredibly, it was just like the acting and stuff.

Carrie couldn’t carry The Sound of Music


Let’s be real, last night most people were watching The Sound of Music remake, not X-Factor, Glee or Grey’s Anatomy. This was going to be a live thing with Carrie Underwood and Vampire Bill. Honestly, I love the original so seeing this done a different way was very interesting. Obviously Carrie Underwood doesn’t hold a candle to Julie Andrews, let’s be real right now. Julie Andrews is a fucking legend and so is Carrie Underwood in her own right, she just isn’t an actress. I will say that Carrie did hold her own as an actress!

One thing that I hated was how out of order all of the songs were, I realize they couldn’t do half of the shit that was done in the movie because it was all on a stage rather than an actual set. The kids were awesome, the Von Trapp boys were still gay as ever which was perfect casting! Then came Vampire Bill. Vampire Bill was still Vampire Bill in this movie, same voice, same stone face, same all that bullshit. Vampire Bill should not have been the lead male, mistake!

All and all though I would give it a solid B, the singing was great, the acting was alright, and the casting was pretty good. I just wish they didn’t make shit so out of order!

Rant over.