Sienna Miller Has Officially Joined Instagram!

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Sometimes there is celebrity news that I know not many other people will be excited about but I still have to share it.

Sienna Miller is finally on Instagram!

For some reason I absolutely love Sienna Miller, I mean it’s probably because she is beautiful, stylish, and is a great actor. Can you even blame me?

Ever since Jude cheated on her, then she got back with him, only to break up with him again, I have always been rooting for her.

When she got praise for ‘American Sniper’ I was beyond thrilled.

Now she is on Instagram and she blames peer pressure for it.

So to whoever peer pressured Sienna into making a public Instagram, God bless you.

I would like to add that she does follow Jude Law’s children and ex-wife on the social media site.

Fucking Jude Law, am I right?

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