Nick Jonas Looks Dapper At 2014 Vanity Fair Young Hollywood Party

ImageIf there is one thing that is for sure it is that Nick Jonas is going to be okay after this whole Jonas Brother break up. You want to know why he is going to be okay? It is because he is simply gorgeous, look at that man. Yeah he is 21 now so I can call him a man! Apparently being an artistic director for DemI Lovato is a very good thing because he is looking incredible!

Nick did show up with Joe and I think Joe is starting to feel the pressure. From what I can remember Joe was the heartthrob of the group but he did not age well. At 24 he is looking rough as hell. Maybe he isn’t even 24, but he is looking rough!

Nick Jonas, thank you for going through puberty and coming out on the other side looking like an absolute winner. You are a beautiful man, congratulations! Maybe you will release new music soon so I can write even more about you!


Demi Lovato Opens ‘Neon Lights’ Tour With Nick Jonas!

Now it is clear that Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas have some crazy chemistry, right? I mean just look at this video and it is like they have been dating forever. Yes, I am aware that she is dating Fez from That 70’s Show, yes I am aware she dated Joe Jonas. Truth is that I don’t care. I need this couple to happen!

I mean if they are touring together, there might be a few lonely nights where they need to cuddle and yeah. Maybe they will have sex and have a baby. Did I jump too fast? They sound good together right? I don’t think I have ever even heard Nick Jonas sing, I just know he is nice to look at.

These two should just date and get it over with, the end.

Nick Jonas Instragrams Adorable Picture Holding His Niece

ImageSwooning over here, right? He looks like a damn natural with this little baby that will obviously be exploited for the goods of E!. This picture is just adorable. Nothing more to say. Also look at Nick Jonas here, you can’t see his face straight on but guess what, he looks good as always!

Nick don’t get any ideas about having a little baby of your own, you are too sexy to become a dad right now. Too sexy and too young!

Demi Lovato Gives Nick Jonas A Job!


Demi Lovato must really love the Jonas brothers because she forgave Joe about his whole weed thing and just gave Nick  a job! Apparently thinks must be tough for the Jonas brothers at the moment since Nick got hired as a musical director of the Neon Lights tour. I don’t even know what that means to be honest.

I don’t understand why these two can’t just date, I mean they make so much more sense than Demi and Wilmer, right? Sure she dated Joe and whatever but Nick Jonas is so adorable. They would have beautiful little kids, ugh I can’t even deal!

For those of you who are wondering what a music director is, I found a quote with him explaining exactly what he is going to be doing. “I’m overseeing video content, wardrobe, lighting and staging,” he tells Rolling Stone. “And then I’m extending into the musical side of things, which includes creating the arrangements for the songs. I’m building what Demi wanted, which is a show without stops and starts.” ( )

Looks like these two are working pretty close together. I guess the whole music thing is over for Nick, right? I mean if he wanted to be a musician he would be doing that, not be looking over video content.

Demi is just such a kind person giving jobs to her friends! She is the best! Don’t mess it up Nick, this is your only shot!

For $20,000 A Night You Can Live Like Kevin Jonas?


So above I posted a link to this weird as fuck listing that Kevin Jonas put up for a bunch of randoms can rent his house, well his old house, for the SuperBowl? I am literally so confused as to why this is happening. I understand that they moved out of this house but are they strapped for cash? Why the fuck are they doing this? They meaning Kevin and Danielle Jonas, I just, I literally cannot understand.

After reading it sounds like he really wants people to stay at his house, maybe he wants to party before the baby comes! Can you imagine Kevin Jonas at a football party though? In his tiny voice he would yell things that didn’t even make sense. There is a reason that Nick and Joe are constantly out hanging around LA without their brother Kevin. It isn’t because he is getting ready for a baby either. Kevin Jonas has always been questionable and it is kind of sad that Danielle has yet to see it.

They apparently have a huge wine cellar along with a nice 3D cinema and a ton of other useless bullshit. You should sleep on the bed where Kevin Jonas lost his virginity though, that is pretty wild right?

So uh, if this is your thing, go for it! If you stay there please tell me everything about it, Please, please, please.