Jonah Hill Is Looking Super Fit For The Summer

Damn two time Oscar nominee Jonah Hill is looking damn fine.

I have had a crush on Jonah for a long time but Jonah with a beard and less chub? I am all about it.

Good for Jonah though, seriously. I understand it is probably easier for rich people to lose weight because of personal trainers and chefs, but it is still a tough road no matter what.

Jonah Hill coming in hot for summer of 17.

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Jonah Hill Looks Dreamy On The SAG Awards Red Carpet

dev rami suit up for sag awards 2017 043849790All photo credit 

Well hot damn Jonah Hill, you have glowed up since the last time that we saw you.

Let me be clear, I have had a crush on Jonah Hill for a very long time now. I think he is low key one of the best actors of this generation and I think that he is very good looking. I know that he gains weight then loses weight, I know that but I am into it. I mean look at how he is looks on the red carpet. There are no complaints from right here.

I am guessing that he has lost the weight for a movie role but I don’t think that he has ever looked better. Maybe it is the weight loss, maybe it is the beard, maybe it is a bit of both.

Whatever the case is I am very into this scruffy sleek look that Jonah has going on.

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Jonah Hill & Michael Cera Spotted Taking A Stroll In New York City

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No real story here other than I am glad that Jonah Hill and Michael Cera are still friends! That is really a heartwarming story, right?

Obviously these two starred as best friends in ‘Superbad’ and it looks like they are still buddies. Doesn’t that just warm your heart?

Fun fact, both of these two are weird crushes of mine. I would date either of them, in case either of you are dating. Mostly Michael, but Jonah? We can date. Hit me up!

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Bound 3: James Franco and Seth Rogen

I am not going to sit here and say that I am James Franco’s biggest fan because I’m not. I think that if I sat down with him he would just stroke my leg and tell me things about art, I just think he is a bit off. Seth Rogen is hilarious with his weird Grover like voice though. Anyway as I sat down to watch this video they made as a parody to Bound 2 where Kimye have weird sex on a bike. (Also Kim K is digitally altered in that video don’t let anyone tell you different)

As the video started I spit out my coffee and I wasn’t even drinking any. I mean that whole group of friends Jonah Hill, James Franco, Seth Rogen, Jay whatever his last name is, they have all made out at one point or another. This time it was just on film. I like to think that James and Seth make a better couple than Kim and Kanye after watching this.

This was brilliant, bravo James Franco. This was much better than your weird Bieber parody.