Jake Gyllenhaal Runs Into Jon Bon Jovi While Running Shirtless In St Barts

photo credit : fameflynet Pictures

This is my favorite thing right now. A super hot Jake Gyllenhaal running down the beach shirtless, it’s almost like some ‘Baywatch’ shit and who does he run into? Jon Bon Jovi, one of the hottest rock stars of all time. No seriously, he is still a total babe even though he is in his 50’s.

I had this vision of Jake running into Jon’s arms while “Always” plays in the background but it wasn’t exactly like that. Sadly.

It looks like Jake just kind of stumbled upon Jon and they chatted for a bit.

Why can’t I ever just stumble upon a shirtless Jake or Jon? Life isn’t fair.

photo credit : fameflynet Pictures

Here is a shirtless photo of Jake, just because we deserve it.

photo credit : fameflynet Pictures

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