JoJo Teases New Music From Upcoming Album Mad Love

I am so ready for this album to come out, I have been a big advocate of the JoJo comeback (even if she won’t acknowledge me on twitter, I won’t be salty, okay maybe a little). JoJo’s album will be released on October 14th, but it will be available for pre-order starting September 16th!

Just to make us a little more excited, JoJo decided to share a few videos of her singing songs from the upcoming album. One of them is a duet with Alessia Cara, so that song will most likely be my favorite on the entire album. She is also teasing a duet with Remy Ma which will be titled “FAB”, when I assume means fake ass bitch. Not totally sure but it is my guess.

Anyway, check out these videos and get excited! JoJo can out sing your fav, so they are all shook at the moment.


Also can we take a moment to appreciate those raw vocals? When you go it, you got it.

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Listen To JoJo Cover Shawn Mendes’ Song ‘Treat You Better’

I have said it once, I have said it twice, I have said it one hundred times. I am all about JoJo and her comeback that is happening right now. She is out there doing the radio circuit and just reminding us all what some people seem to have forgotten. She can sing. She can’t just sing though, she can SING! You feel me?

In a recent interview with the famous Elvis Duran, JoJo showed off her vocals by singing Shawn Mendes‘ hit song ‘Treat You Better’. Guess what? She slayed it. Like she always does.

Her new album is due in October and I am counting down the days until it is released! Pop music has been put on notice because JoJo is back in a big way.

My favorite cover of hers will always be her cover of ‘Marvin’s Room’, this is a close second though.

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JoJo Releases New Song ‘F*ck Apologies’ Featuring Wiz Khalifa!

Anyone who has followed my blog for a while knows how much I love JoJo and how I have wanted a comeback for a long time. No really, I have back in 2014 I wrote an article called 5 Reasons Why JoJo Needs To Come Back To Music. If she didn’t get wrapped up in a shitty contact at a young age, she would have had insane success. I won’t get into that though!

She is back, out of the shitty contract and that is all that matters! She is even opening up for Fifth Harmony this summer, so a whole new generation is going to be exposed to this legend.

Now she has released some songs on Itunes and soundcloud but this is her first big single in a while. I mean she was able to get Wiz Khalifa on the track, so that is pretty amazing, right?

I will say that this song has hit written all over it. Wiz is beyond hot and everyone loves JoJo. You talk to any female from the age 23-28 and they will tell you how much ‘Leave Get Out’ changed their lives when they were 12 years old. I know from experience!

It’s official, JoJo is back and is here to slay!

Somewhere out there, Selena is shook right now.

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JoJo Is Opening Up For Fifth Harmony This Summer!


If you have followed my blog at all you know that I have been on a quest for JoJo to make a comeback. I have posted about her, promoted her new music and guess what? She is finally back! Yes!

I have read a few comments saying that this is a bad career move for JoJo because Fifth Harmony‘s fan base is a younger audience that probably doesn’t know who she is. Wrong. This is an incredibly smart move. There are plenty of women in their 20’s that love Fifth Harmony, me being one of them. JoJo is straight up nostalgia for those women and well, nostalgia is in! Not only will JoJo be showing off her incredible vocals to a younger crowd and probably get a whole new fan base, she will remind the older crowd how incredible talented she is.

I wanted to go to the Fifth Harmony show before this, but now? Now I have to go, I can’t miss JoJo. It’s that simple.

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JoJo Drops Surprise Free EP #LOVJO2

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JoJo is back in a big way and I am beyond excited. I mean she dropped three songs a few months back and she recently released a free EP because she is incredible! Truthfully I have been ready for this musical comeback for a few years now. At age 12 JoJo had power vocals and they have only got better in time, that is the truth.

2016 is going to be JoJo’s year,  I know it! She is fucking incredible and now that she is out of the contact from hell she can come back to music and grace us all with her incredible vocals.

Sit down everyone class is in session and JoJo is about to teach you a thing or two!

On another note, she uses the best samples, right? Go listen to High Road and all of those samples, it was perfect.

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JoJo Releases Music Video For ‘When Love Hurts’!

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I have been on the JoJo comeback train for a long time, see examples herehere, and here. So obviously I have been waiting for this video to drop for a while now. Can I just say, this song is amazing. I fucking love it. I mean JoJo had some pipes when she was like 12 and I am happy at 24 she can still SANG!

JoJo is my home-girl and she can out sing any young female vocalist out there right now. I said it! Come at me. Her vocal range is absolutely insane and the world has needed her back in the worst way.

The queen is back and she is here to slayyyy!

Tell me how much you love the song here, and check out the video below!

And here is an acoustic version, just so no one can say that her singing is all manufactured.

Jojo Just Dropped Three Fire Singles: Listen Here!

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Earlier this week I reported that Jojo was coming out with something called a tringle, basically dropping three singles at once on August 21st. Well guess what? She did it a day early! She dropped the three singles this afternoon and all I can say is praise! Jojo is absolutely incredible!

The first single, Rapture, is something good, I think it is a nice sound but out of the three it isn’t my favorite. I think it is the weakest of the three but guess what? Still incredible because Jojo is fan-fucking-tastic and is a better singer than most out there right now.

Take Me Home is the second single released, I am obsessed. I will be listening to this song on repeat. Just over and over, the beat behind it, the soul in Jojo’s voice. I need it! I give this song an A+, also nice ode to Phil Collins in the hook, can’t go wrong there.

Glory is the third and final song, it is a good final song for the tringle because she takes us to church. This track was built to show off the fact that this girl can actually sing.

My god I am so excited for all of Jojo’s new music, I can’t even explain it. This soulful sound that she has going on, I can dig it. I am hoping that she will just drop a whole album soon. Let’s be real her last album The High Road, which is almost 10 years old was legendary. Clearly she still has it.

God bless Jojo.

It’s Official Jojo Is Releasing A Tringle Of New Music!

JoJo is officially on her way back to the forefront of our collective musical mind, ready to emerge in the 21st century as a powerhouse pop star, no longer tethered to her shady recording contracts of years past.

And her return will begin with the upcoming release of…a tringle.

What is a tringle, you ask? Well, JoJo anticipated there might be some confusion, so she dutifully posted a definition of the word (courtesy of Urban Dictionary) on Instagram. It’s pretty simple to discern on your own, but, officially, it means “the simultaneous release of three singles.”

And so, JoJo has subtly announced her refusal to reintroduce herself into the mainstream music world slowly by dropping a single here or there and testing the waters. Instead, she’s chosen to hit us full-on in the face with three brand new songs on the same day (August 21).
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Not only is my girl Jojo coming back, she is coming back in a big way! Why release one single and have one big come back song when you can release three on the same day! For the past seven years Jojo has been stuck in a terrible contract but back in December she announced that she was finally free from it! She even signed with Atlantic records to start making new music.

I will say this, if Jojo never had a bad contract and continued to make music, she would be at T.Swift level. Yup! She is a legend! I mean at 12 she could belt, I am excited to see what she can do with her voice now that she is 24. I am sure that she is going to absolutely crush the game.

There haven’t been any hints about her new sound either. Usually there is at least some indication of what sound an artist is going for. Not Jojo. She is just going to release three tracks, and take over the world.

Seriously though, what a move. Not one song, not two, but three all on the same day. August 21st is the big day and I am ready. I have been ready for a long time, last year I even wrote an article (5 reasons Jojo needs a comeback) about it.

So be ready guys, Jojo is back and she is going to run the game, just like she did at the tender age of 12.

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5 Reasons Why JoJo Needs To Come Back To Music


So if you don’t know who JoJo is then you are probably too young to be reading this blog to begin with. JoJo is the person who paved the way for singers like Selena, Miley, and Demi but guess what, she didn’t need Disney to back her up! Nope, JoJo just went out there and did the damn thing. She came out with the song “Leave, Get Out” and blew everyone away with her vocals. Just a girl from the small town of Foxboro, MA making things happen for herself.

Reason 5.

Just listen and totally soak it all in. Yeah, now you know how bad you want her to come back. This music will be back but it would probably be even better than before!

Reason 4.

JoJo always had the voice. When JoJo was coming up she was against say Hilary Duff, who didn’t have a strong voice at all. At age 12 JoJo could belt it out with the best of them, so can you even imagine what the voice is like now? We don’t know so we must hear it!

Reason 3.

JoJo is an actual role model, she left the Hollywood life to get her degree from North Eastern University, so she has a good head on her shoulders. Now she is finished though so she needs to go back to music!

Reason 2.

She is beautiful. That is that. She is a beautiful healthy girl, something that not many people are in music any more.

Reason 1.

Listen to her version on Marvin’s Room and tell me you don’t want to hear more. If you do, then you are a liar.

So yeah I think that 2014 should be the year that JoJo comes back!