JoJo Drops New Track “Wonder Woman” – Listen Here!

Dear everyone, JoJo is coming for blood, you’ve been warned.

Clearly JoJo is back and everyone should be worried because at the end of the day, she could out sing your fav. Fight me on it, I dare you.

Anyone, her album Mad Love came out back in October and homegirl has been busy touring ever since. The album is actually amazing, go and listen to it right now.

Today JoJo took to Soundcloud and dropped a new song “Wonder Woman”, a soulful song that I will be listening to on repeat.

If JoJo could just release new songs every day, that would be great for me.

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Watch JoJo Pay Tribute To Aaliyah

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Today Aaliyah would have been 38 unfortunately her life was taken at a very young age, but her impact on music has stayed. She was only 22 when tragically died on a plane crash while leaving the Bahamas after a music video shoot.

Celebrating her birthday there will be plenty of tributes to Aaliyah on social media and JoJo just so happened to be one of those people.

During one of her shows on the Mad Love tour, she took time out to appreciate the late singer, covering her hit “Are You That Somebody” which is still played on the radio to this day. It came out in 1998, so almost 20 years later people still love to hear it.

Check out the tribute below!

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Celebrating JoJo’s 26th Birthday With Her 10 Best Songs!

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The only good thing about 2016 was JoJo making her big comeback. This year has been a huge dumpster fire and ‘Mad Love’ helped make it better. For years I have been waiting for this comeback and now that it is finally here, we can celebrate.

Today the talented singer turned 26 and what better way to celebrate this incredible vocalist than by well, showing off her vocal performances.

Below I put together a list of my top ten JoJo songs, they may be different from yours but let’s respect each other. Let’s all just agree that JoJo is absolutely magical.

10. When Love Hurts

9. Reckless

8. Leave Get Out

7. Disaster

6. Too Little Too Late

5. Coming For You

4. Like This

3. Fuck Apologies

2. Music

1. Marvin’s Room

So there you have it! Those are my top ten must haves when it comes to JoJo songs. Let’s be real, she has a ton of great ones but I had to narrow them down.

Maybe when JoJo comes to Boston she will let me interview her? We can all hope, right?

Happy birthday and I can’t wait to hear more new music!

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Watch JoJo, Alessia Cara And DNCE’s JinJoo Sing “I Can Only” In A Bathroom

Two of my favorite female vocalists hang out in a bathroom and sing their duet. Yup, that’s what is going on here. JoJo and Alessia Cara team up with the Jin Joo from DNCE to sing their duet, in a bathroom. Everyone knows that bathrooms are acoustically perfect so it is pretty awesome.

I can’t lie I am a little mad that I wasn’t in that bathroom. Could you imagine just sitting there minding your business and then just hearing this? Let’s be real they probably made sure that no one was in there but still. It would be pretty amazing to sit there and listen to this live.

In case you didn’t know “I Can Only” is from JoJo’s recent album Mad Love, which you should download because it’s amazing.

Shout out to these two women showing off their raw vocal talent and shout out to Jin Joo for her bad ass guitar skills.

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JoJo Releases Tour Dates For Her Mad Love Tour!

Oh hell yeah, I am ready for this tour. I have been ready for this tour for the last decade. Let’s do this JoJo ! Earlier this week the singer released the dates for the UK leg of her tour, her first UK tour ever, and now she is giving the states some love!

It looks like JoJo will kick off her US leg in Portland, Oregon on February 15th and then finish it in May 3rd in New York. She has a lot of cities to cover and I am sure that this tour will be absolutely insane!

JoJo definitely brings the fire when she performs live.

Tickets go on sale December 9th and you can get them through


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JoJo Drops “FAB” Music Video Featuring Remy Ma!

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I will never ever apologize for making my blog so JoJo heavy today. You won’t get me to do! Someone needs to give her music the love it deserves and I have decided that it’s me. Sorry, that sounded a lot more stalker than I meant it to. I just think that JoJo deserves all the praise in the world!

Amen to this song though. We all can think of one or two girlfriends that might fit the whole “FAB” description.

This music video is just visually beautiful too, black and white, all scernery. I kind of wish it was a super dramatic like club music video of two girls hating each other from the other side of the rooms, but it’s okay.

My favorite line “how about a hand for the real ones, put it down had my back since day one.”

If you haven’t bought Mad Love yet, go and do it with your bitch ass.

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JoJo Is Starting Off Her Mad Love Tour In The UK !

I am ready! Of course I am not in the UK but that means JoJo will be coming to the states soon enough with her Mad Love Tour!

This is the first time that JoJo has ever had a UK tour and even though there are only a few dates I am guessing that due to popular demand there will probably be more added!

It starts off on January 15th in Dublin.

Check out the dates below!

January 15 – Dublin, The Academy
January 17 – London, KOKO
January 28 – Birmingham, O2 Institute2
January 29 – Manchester, Club Academy
January 30 – Glasgow, O2 ABC 2 Glasgow

Tickets will be sold on Ticketmaster and Live Nation starting on Friday December 2nd.

Can’t wait for those US tour dates!

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Watch JoJo’s Amazing Cover Of Selena Quintanilla’s “Dreaming Of You”

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Thank you for this incredible cover JoJo covering Selena’s “Dreaming Of You” because let’s be real, this song is a classic. It is timeless but JoJo did an incredible job covering the song, in Texas, which is where Selena Quintanilla was from, and the state still loves her so much. In fact, she actually died in Corpus Cristi which was where JoJo performed this.

God bless that JoJo is back, and God bless this cover.

Anything for Selenas!!!!

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JoJo Releases Music Video For Emotional Song “Music”


You know how sometimes you hear a song and it just hits you, it says what you have been trying to say but couldn’t find the words? JoJo has absolutely done this with her most recent song “Music”, a simple title for a long song dedicated towards her love of music, that simple.

JoJo is of course releasing her highly anticipated album Mad Love on October 12th and I was already sold for the album, let’s be real. I have been ready for a JoJo comeback for years now but this song just solidified my choice. There are few artists who can really put emotion in their songs. JoJo just did it though. Not many songs make me cry, this one did.

Alright, enough of me talking about how much I cried during this song.

Thank you for coming back JoJo.

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JoJo Slays With New Song ‘FAB’ Featuring Remy Ma

Photo published for JoJo And Remy Ma Come For The Fake Ones On “FAB.”

JoJo is not playing with this new album! ‘Fuck Apologies’ is absolute fire and well, ‘FAB’ is too. In case you haven’t figured it out, FAB stands up with fake ass bitches. Personally if I was going to run for president this song would be my campaign anthem. I got not time for fake ass bitches, ya feel?

Let’s be real. JoJo is here to stay and she is here to slay.

Thank you for coming back to us JoJo, we don’t deserve you but we appreciate it!

Remember her album “Mad Love” comes out October 14th! Be sure to buy it!

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