Watch Nick Carter Pay Tribute To The Backstreet Boys On Dancing With The Stars!

Sharna Burgess Nick Carter, Dancing with the Stars

So much good Backstreet Boys news today! I mean between Nick Carter paying tribute to the band last night and Aj releasing a solo song it’s been a great day! An absolutely perfect day for a life long Backstreet Boy fan.

Alright, time to get out of my little haze of happiness and report for you good people!

I mean I don’t even think it is fair that Nick dances to a BSB song because how can anyone top that? Just kidding, Bindi Irwin did but that is neither here nor there! Nick Carter is bringing back the Backstreet Boys in a big way I can’t wait! Maybe they can make a huge comeback and then I won’t be the only one to really appreciate the music of the Gods.

I love the opening too. If you watched the Backstreet Boys documentary, which I truly reccommend, you know that Nick’s life wasn’t that perfect. Well until he joined the most successful boyband of all time. Still though, he gets all emotional and it is adorable.

Check it out below!

Also look who was there to support Nick in the crowd last night.

What a weird time to be alive. Just O-Town, Jeff Timmons from 98 Degrees, Joey Fatone of *NSYNC, and my boy AJ from BSB hanging out supporting Nick Carter. I love it.

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Joey Fatone Writes Hilarious Letter To One Direction Called “Everything Is About To Be Terrible”

Before I even start to write about this hilarious letter, I want you guys to read it. It is kind of long but hey, it is one of the funniest things I have read in a while.

Dear Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Harry Styles,

Hey guys.  It’s Joey Fatone, former member of NSync and current announcer on Family Feud, the job I’ve always dreamed of.  This weekend, while sitting on the toilet and crying (I LOVE MY LIFE!!!) I flipped through my iPhone and saw that you’d announced a “one-year hiatus” beginning in March. I just wanted to congratulate you guys and wish you well! I’m sure 2016 will be a wonderful time for everyone from One Direction to pursue some independent projects before regrouping as a stronger band one year later! Here’s to spreading your wings!


Here’s how it’s gonna go down, fellas. While you’re all on hiatus, Harry will record some dope singles with Beyonce, Ryan Adams and Wiz Khalifa, come out with a killer solo album produced by Pharrell and Timbaland, cut his hair, dye his hair, do a second less awesome album, let his hair grow super long and wear it in two braids, crush a self-effacing cameo in a Judd Apatow movie, buzz his hair and release a third, self-produced album on which he hints at being bisexual that everyone will call his “best work.”  

The rest of you are fucked. I mean fucked. I am the second most-successful former member of NSync and I am Joey Fatone. Say that outloud to yourself: “Besides Justin Timberlake, Joey Fatone is the most successful member of NSync.”

Here’s me being a spokesman for Bosley hair restoration last year:


Best case scenario, you’ll do a 6-week stint in Minions: The Musical! on Broadway before you bounce around different hosting jobs on channels like Spike and TruTv.  Do you know what Chris Kirkpatrick is doing? Because I don’t. He’s completely unreachable. He might be managing a Best Buy in Sacramento, he might be dead. No one knows. Louis, I’m looking at you.

There is one exception: If one of you is gay you might have a shot. Wait till One Direction has been dead for two years, kiss your hot boyfriend at an awards show, then ride that relevance like a beautiful boner and pray to god you get a show on Bravo.

It’s not that you guys aren’t talented, it’s that Harry is so, so much cuter, cooler and more talented than the rest of you. Deep down, you’ve always known that, but you will never truly understand it until you’re in your grimy little condo, sitting in your boxers, sucking a chow mein noodle off your Playstation controller and watching Harry blow it up on SNL.

Jesus christ I wish I was still in NSync. Jesus…JESUS FUCK! I would give all my hair to go back to that.

Anyway, enjoy the next few months, One Direction, because they’re your last. (

Now let me be honest, I didn’t even know that I was a fan of Joey Fatone until this moment right here. That open letter to One Direction was probably one of the realest and best open letters I have ever read. Way to really see your moment and take it Joey, bravo sir.

Let’s be real, even though all of the currently members of One Direction have said that they will get back together, Joey knows best. Joey was probably told that Justin Timberlake was just taking a small break from the band, but they would be back. Clearly that never happened.

I don’t even know what I can say about this letter because of how hilarious and how perfect it is. I just have to say that I wanted to share it with the world. The line where he compared Chris Kirkpatrick to Louis, that killed me. It is also so true. Louis is totally the Chris Kirkpatrick of the group.

I hope you laughed as hard as I did and I wish that I could shake Joey’s hand for that hilarious letter.

Sorry One Direction and One Direction fans, everything is about to be terrible.

NSYNC Hints At Reunion For SNL 40 Show

So there have been rumblings that this is going to happen tomorrow night on the SNL 40 year anniversary bash. We all know that Justin has hosted the show five times now, so why not bring them all back, right? This all started, well basically today after NSYNC’s offical Twitter sent out this tweet.

Now the last time their twitter was really buzzing was back in 2013 when Justin Timberlake had them do a small reunion for the VMAs.

Listen, I am a Backstreet Girl through and through. I will defend their honor as if they went to battle for my family, but there is a part of me that is excited for this. I hope it is true. There is really no way that this wouldn’t happen, right? Of course this is the first time the media has really gotten anything but look at that tweet. This has to be true.

Let’s hope that this reunion is longer than 30 seconds too because that VMA reunion was a joke.

I will say that I am glad Justin is finally owning up to his boy band days after years and years of trying to act like he wasn’t a blonde haired kid with a huge afro dancing and singing “Bye bye bye”.