Watch *NSYNC’s Joey Fatone Kiss Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter On Stage!


The war is over! Everyone, the war is over!

Growing up there was no bigger rivalry than *NSYNC against the Backstreet Boys . There were some serious playground fights over this. I will still fight that Backstreet Boys were an all around better boy band, but we won’t get into that.

As most people know the Backstreet Boys have started their Vegas residency and it is currently doing incredible. As of right now it is the fastest selling residency of all time if you can imagine that. Yup, faster than Britney‘s which is pretty insane to think about.

Last night A.J. pulled up a familiar face though, Joey Fatone and the boys serenaded him which was extremely romantic.

Obviously Joey became overwhelmed by his feelings that he had to plant a kiss right on Nick‘s lips. Can’t blame him, he basically just did was every girl in the 90’s wanted to do. He saw his opportunity and he took it.

Nick, Joey, AJ, along with other members of the Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC, 98 Degrees, and O-Town were all a part of the Syfy original movie Dead 7. So things have been good between all former boy bands for a while now.

This moment though? This moment is absolute perfection and I can’t blame Joey for making this moment his.

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*NSYNC Denies Those Reunion Rumors

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Yesterday the internet exploded because Lance Bass said that *NSYNC was definitely getting back together to celebrate their 20th anniversary. He also added that they would be back together to get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, then went on to talk about how the group had a hilarious group text with each other.

Know when I will believe that there will actually be an *NSYNC reunion? When Justin Timberlake says that there will be one because that’s clearly who they are waiting for. Lance has been waiting for years for this reunion to happen. No one wants this reunion to happen more than Lance, that’s something I am very sure of.

The only thing that is actually happening is their Christmas album is going to be put on vinyl for it’s 20th anniversary. That’s the only thing that was confirmed.

The band’s official Twitter account and Joey Fatone took to social media to clear up the mess Lance made.

Sorry *NSYNC fans, you can still switch and become a BSB  fan since they are still touring and doing the damn thing.

Again, don’t believe anything until you hear that JT is down for a reunion because until then, there will be nothing.

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A.J. McLean & Joey Fatone Sing “I Want It That Way” !

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It looks like we can finally wave the white flag in one of the most heated debates of all time. You know what I am talking about, *NSYNC  vs BSB . If you were anywhere between the ages of 6-21 in the late 90’s you know what I am talking about. At the end of the day we all know that Backstreet Boys are superior so that’s really all that matters.

Anyway, last night Joey Fatone threw himself an absolute rager for his 40th birthday party. It was in Orlando where both NSYNC and Backstreet Boys got their start from. Joey still calls it home and that’s where his hot dog stand is based out of, so he is usually down there!

A.J. showed up to party with Joey though and the two ended up singing “I Want It That Way”, one of the biggest songs to come out of the 90’s.

Nostalgia, isn’t it great?

It’s also kind of weird hearing Joey singing, considering it was always JC or Justin, the guy has pipes! Too bad there weren’t more solos for Joey!

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Throwback To *NSYNC performing “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays”

If second grade Willi Killiams could see me posting about *NSYNC and being positive? She would absolutely kick my ass. How dare I go against BSB code, right? It’s okay, 1998 Willi, *NSYNC broke up and BSB is still together, you’ve seen them live eight times, it’s totally fine.

Now that you’ve witnessed my inner dialect, let’s celebrate this song. Let’s celebrate Justin’s curly hair, turtlenecks, and JC’s beautiful voice. That’s right JC had the best voice in *NSYNC at this time (and all the time) but I know JT fans are a little crazy.

Check out the video, let nostalgia consume you and remember when we weren’t in debt from college loans.


JC, JT, Joey, Chris, and Lance, in that order.

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Check Out Lifetime’s Version Of *NSYNC

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In case you didn’t know, Lifetime is putting together a Britney Spears biotopic that basically everyone is pissed off about. No one from Britney’s team wants to talk about it and Britney has said that she doesn’t support the film. So that right there is good publicity to make me want to watch it.

Over the past few years Lifetime has put out terrible biographical movie about different artists. They put out one about Liz Taylor and of course Lindsay Lohan played her. You can’t forget about the Whitney Houston mess of a movie followed by the Aaliyah movie which was even worse than the Whitney movie. Basically the station throws together terrible documentaries and that is that.

Apparently the biotopic will be released February 2017 at some point.

The Britney they chose doesn’t look like Britney at all but I have to show you something. Something glorious you’re head may explode.

Check out Lifetime’s version of *NSYNC.

It looks like it is Chris, Lance, Justin, Joey, and JC.

How fucking glorious.

Don’t ever change Lifetime, please don’t ever change.

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NSYNC Reunites For JC Chasez 40th Birthday!

Well the pop world was absolutely devastated when NSYNC decided to take a hiatus in 2002, and well never returned from that hiatus. Obviously Justin‘s solo career took off and the rest of the boys tried their hand at different things, but the band never found their way back to each other. Sounds familiar right? I am looking at you One Direction fans.

The band went a very long time without even really talking about each other, but of course they had a small reunion back in 2013 for the MTV Video Music Awards, where they did about a 30 second performance together.

It looks like they have all found their way back to  being friends though, something beautiful if you ask me. In my opinion Justin distanced himself a lot from the band so it’s nice that he is back to hanging out with the guys.

Well last night the boys got together to celebrate JC turning the big 4-0, and Justin took a photo to celebrate.

View this post on Instagram

JC's 40th… And, if you don't know now you know…

A post shared by Justin Timberlake (@justintimberlake) on


Now there will most likely never be a reunion tour or song but I think that a lot of NSYNC fans will take this photo and be happy.

Here are a few other pictures from the night!


Also just want to throw up my second grade gang sign right quick, #TeamBSB.

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Joey Fatone Joins 98 Degrees For ‘Bye Bye Bye’


I feel like *NSYNC is going to have a reunion without Justin Timberlake. Call me crazy but the boys have been out there doing their thing a lot lately. Of course Joey is performing with the wonderful 98 Degrees, but I bet that he along with JC would do anything to be back on tour performing their old hits.

Right now 98 Degress is on the MY2K Tour which is basically old school TRL on tour. Can’t hate it though, you have to respect it.

The tour rolled through Palm Springs, Florida though and that’s when Joey hit the stage with them.

Truthfully, it is awesome if you ask me. Nothing like seeing boybands sing other boyband songs and doing the same dancing.

To be totally honest, I think this was also the first time that I ever heard Joey sing, sing it boo!

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Joey Fatone Is Opening A Hot Dog Stand

Hey Louis and Niall, welcome to your future.

Former NSYNC member Joey Fatone is opening up a hot dog stand at the Florida Mall in Orlando. The stand will be open in August at some point, no word on what the specials will be called.

I can only hope there will be something  called Tearing Up My Hot Dog, which would probably be really gross, maybe Italian Pop Ice, something like that.

This is the most Joey Fatone thing ever, right? Like of course Joey is opening up at hot dog stand, classic Joey.

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The Official Trailer For Nick Carter’s Boy Band Zombie Movie Is Finally Here

Dead 7 premieres on Syfy Friday, April 1 ,at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

We are very aware that we not worthy of a movie like this. Backstreet Boys members and NSYNC members teaming up to save the world from a zombie apocalypse? I mean, how did we get so lucky with this?

Thank God for Buzzfeed having this exclusive because I just couldn’t wait any longer. Not only will the legendary Joey Fatone star in this but members of the highly underrated O-Town and 98 Degrees will be involved to. This will be cinematic history, I think we are all aware of that, right?

Syfy will be playing this on April 1st, at 8 pm and you better believe that I will be watching it. I can only hope that they break out into song and dance multiple times during this movie.

Are you as excited as I am?

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Fall Out Boy’s “Irresistible” Video Pays Homage To NSYNC’s “It’s Gonna Be Me”

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This is potentially my favorite music video from the past couple of years.I have loved this song for a few months now but the music video? It makes it so much better.

For all you youngin’s out there former NSYNC members Chris Kirkpatrick and Joey Fatone are featured which only makes the video even better. Nothing like listening to Fall Out Boy and Demi sing their hearts out while be nostalgic thinking about how awesome the videos of the early 2000’s were. Right?

Between the song and the music video I don’t know how this song hasn’t blown up yet.

I also kind of want a whole album of just Demi and Fall Out Boy singing together, is anyone else on board with that?

Check out the video below!

And we might as well just throw the NSYNC  classic down there too to reminisce when the world was full of happiness.

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