Hilary Duff Hints at Losing Virginity to Joel Madden

Many fans have been fixated on when (and with whom) the newly single mom first lost her virginity. 

“I had a 26-year-old boyfriend,” Duff said of Good Charlotte rocker Joel Madden, whom she dated from ages 16 to 19. “So everyone can make their own assumptions about what I was doing.”
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Well before Kylie and Tyga, there was Hilary and Joel. One of the oddest couples to ever occur during my time of watching celebrity gossip. I actually tried to erase this weird couple from my memory. I mean, I was about 14 and realized that a 16 year old shouldn’t have been dating someone ten years older than them. It was much like when Lindsay Lohan dated Wilmer Walderrama. It was just a weird time in the life of me, and in the life of Hilary.

I feel like she shouldn’t be talking about this out loud though, I mean they have been broken up for over a decade. At least say that you were 16 when you lost your virginity, you don’t need to call Joel out for it. Not that it really matters now, Joel is happily married with two kids. Hilary is happily divorce with one kid. Just straight up ancient history.

Hilary, I also wouldn’t admit to having sex with Joel Madden, ever. Say you lost your virginity to Frankie Muniz or Aaron Carter, that would have been much better!

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