Lady Gaga’s Joanne World Tour Sells Out In Seconds

Lady Gaga is going on tour and it’s going to be huge. Since her Super Bowl performance it kind of feels like she is hotter than ever. Before she was more popular for also being kind of weird, but she doesn’t even need that anymore. Now she can sit there playing guitar with a pink hat and it’s that simple.

Anyway, her tickets sold out in a matter of seconds. I did my best to get a pair of tickets to her Boston show but it sold out too damn fast, there was no possible way I was going to get those tickets.

It’s time to fight it out on StubHub my friends, pay double for shitty seats and enjoy the show!

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Lady Gaga Releases Music Video For “John Wayne”

Lady Gaga is so hot right now. I am serious, right now in the entertainment world no one is hotter. After that Super Bowl performance? She is all anyone can talk about! Well that and the huge comeback that the Patriots made.

Anyway, she dropped a music video for “John Wayne” and it’s a weird video. I am not going to lie, this video is really fucking bizarre but I am into it so I won’t complain. I love Gaga’s new sound.

So check out the video and be sure to watch for the machine gun heel that she wears at the very end of this very strange video.

I have to say, shout out to Gaga for being a marketing genius and knowing to release this the same week everyone is already talking about her. You’re brilliant in many ways.

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Lady Gaga Releases Music Video For “Million Reasons”

This song is definitely one of my favorite songs of 2016. It is so beautiful and so well written. Lady Gaga‘s voice has just enough pain behind it, and the lyrics are perfect. I feel like everyone can relate to this song in one way or another. Let’s be clear if this was 2004, it would be in my AIM profile for sure.

This ‘Joanne’ era may be my favorite Gaga era yet. Every song (other than ‘Perfect Illusion’) is incredible. It is possibly my favorite album of the year.

A simply Lady Gaga music video, I never thought I would see the day but I am obsessed.

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Lady Gaga Gives Incredible “Million Reasons” Performance At The AMAs

There are few out out there that are better than Lady Gaga, can we all come to that conclusion? I mean really, her voice is out of this world and she is always evolving. She changes her singing style, she changes her sound, it is incredible. In my opinion Lady Gaga is going to be around forever.

All of the performers last night were great, but Lady Gaga’s was definitely my favorite. She gave me chills, and “Million Reasons” might be my favorite song of the year.

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Lady Gaga Performs ‘Million Reasons’ & ‘A-YO’ On ‘SNL’

Over the weekend Lady Gaga performed on ‘SNL‘ and she absolutely killed her two performances! Not only that but her episode brought in a season high because Lady Gaga fans will watch anything that she is on. For good reason too, in my opinion Gaga doesn’t have one mean bone in her body. You also have to get credit to the incredible Tom Hanks for pulling in those ratings because he was the host. Putting them together is just a a huge ratings boost!

Lady Gaga sounded absolutely incredible live! She performed my favorite song from JOANNE ‘Million Reasons’ and then the bop ‘A-YO’. People actually accused her of lip syncing because she sounded so good. Nope, she is just crazy talented.

Watch her performances and fall in love all over again with Gaga.

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Stream Lady Gaga’s New Album ‘JOANNE’ Now!


Lady Gaga‘s much anticipated new album’JOANNE’ has officially been released and you can stream it as well! Her new album is actually very good, it’s different, but it’s good. If you didn’t like “Perfect Illusion” that’s fine, there are a lot of other quality songs on the album!

Let’s be real, Gaga has one of the best voices out there and she does a great job reminding us of that on this album.

Stream it before you buy it!

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Lady Gaga Claps Back At The Chainsmokers

Oh shit Lady Gaga went and did that! In case you missed it, The Chainsmokers went out there and let Billboard magazine know that they thought “Perfect Illusion” sucked. Listen it wasn’t my favorite song that Gaga has ever put out but The Chainsmokers have a few hits under their belt whereas Lady Gaga has an incredible career under her belt. That is the difference. Listen, I love “Closer” and all of that but these guys, all of their songs sound the same.

For the record, Gaga’s new song is way better. It is really a good one, I would actually listen to this song on my own, not just bob my head to it on the radio so you know it’s real!

Gaga rarely plays into hate, so I love that she did this. Put them in their place Gaga.

Check it out for yourself!

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