The S Club 7 Reunion Happened Last Night And It was Perfect!

Last night S Club 7 made their big reunion for the first time in nearly twelve years for a benefit concert benefiting Children in Need in England and it was magical! Watching this made me want to go to one of their concerts, find their old show on YouTube and watch the shit out of it. I never realized how much I loved S Club 7 until this very moment. No that is probably a lie, I used to have their dolls, yup I had a Paul and a Bradley doll because they were babes back in the day.

Reading some comments people are saying that the singing was a little rough, well no shit it was rough, they haven’t really sang for a solid ten years! Plus Jo is always carrying them, so maybe her throat was a little sore from being fucking awesome. You ever think of that?!

These guys have to do a reunion tour of some kind, right? I mean they would be absolutely crazy not to do something. Maybe without Paul since he dismantled the band to begin with. Everyone else should be involved in a reunion  though.

So after seeing their first performance in so long I must say that Bradley is still my favorite, I mean he can just belt it out, there was a reason he was the lead male vocalist. Not enough shots of Hannah though, she was always awesome. Jo, enough for the eyebrows, they weren’t moving. I also don’t think that Rachel or Tina have aged since. As for Jon and Paul, you two have disappointed me.

Can’t lie though I had a stupid smile on my face watching these guys and girls run around on the stage singing and dancing. Plus I knew every word and you have to love that!