Jimmy Eat World Perform “Sure and Certain” On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

Personally I think that Jimmy Eat World is one of the most underrated bands of all time and they are making a big come back with their new album Integrity Blues. I can promise that this album is better than half of the shit out there right now.

I would highly recommend checking the new album out on Spotify if you liked this song. Their new music is really great.

Welcome back Jimmy Eat World! We have missed you.

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Jimmy Eat World Is Back With New Song ‘Get Right’!

Jimmy Eat World is by far one of my all time favorite bands. They have had so many incredible songs, of course their biggest is probably ‘The Middle’ but ‘Hear You Me’ is like taking me to church. There is no song that means more to me than that one.

This song, ‘Get Right’ is actually pretty amazing also, it is catchy and actually sounds like them. They didn’t have to change their sound, no need to change something that isn’t broke!

You can download the song for free here!

The band hinted at a new album too, so it looks like we are in store for a lot of new incredible music from them soon!

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