Sophia Bush Is Leaving ‘Chicago P.D.’ After Four Seasons

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If you follow this blog at all you know how much I love Sophia Bush and will basically watch anything she is in. That’s just what you do to celebrities who have tweeted you three times, we are basically besties.

Well it turns out that her time on ‘Chicago P.D.’ is over after the major cliff hanger that the show left us with. Her character is faced with a big choice and it looks like she chose to leave the group.

Honestly I wasn’t expecting her to leave the show anytime soon, she was always live tweeting about them being a squad and all of that fun stuff. It makes me wonder if something happened behind the scenes or something, since her and Jesse have been broken up for a bit.

That’s all my thoughts though.

Well if her time is up on the show then my time is up as a viewer since she was the main reason I started to watch.

Really though, I find this absolutely shocking that she is leaving so soon. Maybe she is getting her own spin-off show? Wouldn’t that be something.

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Jesse Lee Soffer Posts Adorable Selfie With Sophia Bush

Every week that ‘Chicago PD’ is on there is always a big watch party where the whole cast hangs out, posts selfies, replies to people, and basically makes everyone jealous that they weren’t invited. Tonight they had a lot of people there, people from ‘Chicago PD’ , ‘Chicago Fire’, and ‘Chicago Med’ for a two night crossover event.

The whole cast was out there tweeting, posting pictures with each other but of course Jesse and Sophia  weren’t posting pictures together. They are still doing that whole we aren’t dating even though we totally are thing. I mean Soph has dated a lot of co-stars so I can see why she is trying to keep this one on the low, low.

Jesse posted it though with the caption “okay, okay already”. How adorable is that? They are both also wearing matching giant sweaters, again adorable.

Can these two just get married already and have beautiful children? Seriously though.

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Sophia Bush Is Caught Walking Hand-In-Hand With Chicago P.D. Costar Jesse Lee Soffer

Still loved-up: Sophia Bush confirmed she was still in a relationship with her Chicago P.D. co-star Jesse Lee Soffer when she stepped out in New York City with him on Sunday 

So this freaking couple has been making us play the are they or aren’t they game for at least a year. There have been reports that they have broken up, they have gotten back together, or the reports that they were never even together in the first place. Yup! All of those were reports, that I have in fact reported on.

Looks like there is no denying it now! Sophia Bush, whom I love dearly, is back to her old ways of dating co-stars. I mean why not just continue to date them right? They are right there, it’s like shooting fish a barrel especially if you’re as gorgeous as Sophia Bush. Every co-star should want to date you!

Congrats to both of these good looking people for deciding to be together again, may they last forever, or at least until ‘Chicago P.D.’ ends.

Low-key lovers: The 33-year-old actress was dressed down in a loose, floral dress and snakeskin print trainers, while Jesse was sporting an Oxford shirt and jeans 

Still going strong: Sophia started dating Jesse in 2014, shortly after splitting from Google executive Dan Fredinburg, who tragically died in an avalanche this year

I would like to add that I love that they were holding hands then realized they were being photographed and let go real fast. Pictures were already taken guys, the gig is up!

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Sophia Bush & Jesse Lee Soffer Have Broken Up!

Sophia Bush, Jesse Lee Soffer

Today E! News confirmed that Chicago P.D. costars, Sophia Bush and Jesse Lee Soffer have decided to go their separate ways. Well you know what? This really bums me out for many reasons. Number one, another costar relationship ends for Sophia Bush, home girl will never learn! Two, she is going to be known as a serial costar dater when in reality Sophia is a lot more than that! She is fucking awesome on social media, she is an incredible actress, she really has a lot going for her.

Plus, let’s be real, how cute were they together? I mean their onscreen chemistry is undeniable so I can only imagine them actually being together. Sad, sad day for people who ship Linstead on Chicago P.D.

I still have hope for these two, I am not saying they are totally done just yet!

Sophia Bush & Jesse Lee Soffer Cozy Up at SAG Party!

sophia bush shares hot shirtless pic of beau jesse lee soffer 01

Ain’t no party like a SAG award party because the SAG award parties don’t stop! No reason for that opening, just wanted to use it.

These two are totally dating right? I mean come on, look at their body language. She is all leaning into him, but he looks kind of stiff, so maybe he is nervous? Whatever, I think that these two are dating and are trying to keep a very low profile on it. There are a few reasons why, Sophia is known for dating costars and well Jesse is her costar. I guess there is really only one reason why they would want to keep their relationship on the low down.

I would personally be a big fan of this couple becoming a thing. Well becoming a more public thing. Sophia Bush is basically my ultimate girl crush, she is right up there with Reese Witherspoon and Mindy Kaling. Those are my top three just in case you were wondering. Jesse kind of looks like Zac Efron’s hot cousin or something, so that is something I am into.

For the record I bet these two danced the night away then went back to their hotel and stayed in separate rooms. No I am totally kidding. If you have watched ‘Chicago PD’ at all you are very aware of their chemistry, that is the kind of shit you just can’t fake!

Just a few other cute pictures of this maybe couple.

Are Sophia Bush & Co-Star Jesse Lee Soffer Dating?

Word on the street is that Sophia Bush is currently in a very hush, hush relationship with her Chicago PD co-star Jesse Lee Soffer. What do I think about this relationship? I am all about this happening for many reasons. The first is that the two of them have absolutely insane chemistry on their show together. The second is that Sophia is being consistent!

I am going to sit here and assume that people are aware that Sophia is pretty notorious for dating her co-stars in the past. Let’s start with the first that most people know actually ended in a divorce, Chad Michael Murray who was on One Tree Hill. To keep up with One Tree Hill she also dated James Lafferty for a short time and then Austin Nichols for a few years. She also dated her co-star Jon Foster, remember that terrible horror movie based on a video game, Stay Alive? It’s okay not many people do, anyway he was in that and they dated for a while.

I have a feeling that they won’t step out as a couple, not for a while at least. They will keep people guessing because it is good for their show. I am not saying that it is a showmance as I like to call it but it could possibly be something to get people to tune in this fall.

If they are in fact a couple congrats to Sophia because Jesse Lee Soffer is an absolute babe. He kind of reminds me of Zac Efron and I do not hate it all.

Sophia you keep doing your thang and dating co-stars, they are around and convenient, they are also usually extremely attractive! You go girl!