Happy 45th Birthday Jennifer Aniston!!

ImageCan you even believe that this beautiful woman is 45 years old? Listen, I know that people will say it is because she has had plastic surgery or because all she does is go to Mexico. I don’t care! Jennifer Aniston is a national treasure and it is time people respect that! When the Brad, Jen, and Angelina thing I was team Aniston, and guess what! I still am!

Honestly, you have to love her quirky little humor that she does in every single movie. Yes, she plays the same character but who cares! Not everyone can be Johnny Depp and play a new character every other second.

Jennifer Aniston is one of America’s sweethearts and most people are probably attracted to her, men, women, doesn’t matter.

Happy birthday Ms.Aniston, and here is to many more years of being fabulous!

Happy 50th Birthday Brad Pitt!


I can officially say that I have another crush who is a senior citizen! My first will always be Liam Neeson, anyway congrats Brad Pitt! He has had some questionable looks lately so I chose a picture from when he was like 47  but still old enough. Honestly I hated Brad Pitt after the whole Jennifer and Angelina thing but I forgave him. I know forgiveness from me is hard to get so be happy about that Brad!

You are looking great Brad! Keep up the good looks you handsome fella’!