Did Justin Bieber Imply That Selena Gomez Cheated On Him With Zayn Malik?

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Last night got really wild on Instagram, in case you didn’t know. Selena and Justin were going back and forth after he threatened to put his Instagram on private.

This is how it went.

  1. Justin tells fans he is going to put his Instagram on private
  2. Selena tells Bieber to be nice to his fans
  3. Justin accuses Selena of using him
  4. Selena lets the world know that Justin cheated on her
  5. Justin implies that Selena cheated on him with Zayn Malik

Wait, what?! I always knew that Selena was linked to Niall Horan, but Zayn? I didn’t see that one coming! Is it true? I’m not sure, Selena and Zayn have literally never been spotted together but I mean, it could have happened.

Personally, I just think that Justin wanted to get the last word in. He looked stupid and wanted to try and make Selena look bad as well, try being the key word of course.

I am still on Team Selena, and I am still waiting for Justin to post a long text notepad screenshot to Instagram, we all know that it is coming.

It is interesting how most people are reporting only about this, not about how Selena claims Justin cheated first. Hm, I had a feeling that Justin’s claims would get more attention. It’s sexist and gross.

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Selena Gomez Calls Out Justin Bieber For Cheating On Her!

Grab the popcorn because it is going to be a long night!

Here have been the events so far.

  1. Justin tells fans he is going to put his Instagram on private
  2. Selena tells Bieber to be nice to his fans
  3. Justin accuses Selena of using him
  4. Selena lets the world know that Justin cheated on her

OH SHIT! Justin you can’t come back from this! I am ready though. This is going to be one of those things where Justin starts saying that he is being picked on.

Selena, you keep on slaying girl. Air that dirty laundry, we are ready!

We are all Team Selena, right? Selena has ended Justin.

Really though, I am shook.


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Justin Bieber Posts Photo With Selena Gomez On Instagram

I just want to say one thing, if this was a female artist who constantly posted photos with their ex, they would be absolutely ridiculed in the media. People wouldn’t be calling it a sweet gesture, they wouldn’t say it was cute. They would be calling the female artist insane, obsessive, and that the artist needs to move on. Imagine if Taylor Swift posted a photo with one of her exes? People would absolutely ruin her, or well try to ruin her.

Now that I got that off of my chest.

Justin has talked about Selena in the media basically any chance that he has gotten. Hell sometimes she isn’t even mentioned and he will bring her up. He basically acts like a guy who can’t get over a girl. It happens, it happens in relationships where there is always that one that get’s a little bit away.

I am just saying that if this guy wasn’t famous, if he was just on someone’s news feed and constantly posting photos of his ex or talking about her, he would get so much shit. It is weird, move on, keeping moving.

I swear that whenever he isn’t get enough attention he will post a throw back of Selena on his Instagram and the world goes insane. Poor Selena has said that she is done talking about Justin but he just can’t stop making it so that when people think of her, they think of him as well.

Justin leaves Selena alone.

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Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber Dropped A Surprise Single Called ‘Strong’

This move reminds me of when Rihanna and Chris Brown decided to drop a surprise single together. Alright, now from what I know about the Justin and Selena relationship there was no domestic violence, so it isn’t as shocking but it is a little bit right?

I genuinely wish that these two would just leave their relationship in the past. They need to do what JT and B.Spears did in the early 2000’s. The two of them broke up and basically never spoke about each other again. Selena has openly said that she wished people would stop associating her with Bieber, then they drop a duet. I mean, it is brilliant but stupid. If you want to stop being associated with each other, don’t do things like this, am I right?

The song isn’t bad but I hate when guys sing in their higher register for an entire song, I have always hated it. I hate it when Bieber does it when JT does it, I hate it when Usher would do it. Just isn’t my favorite thing in the world.

In reality this is a smart thing for Bieber to do since he wants his so called come back album to blow up and Selena is super hot right now. So why not release a song to get your fans back into believing in Jelena.

Click here or here and tell me what you think about the song!

Selena Gomez Releases New Single & Video ‘The Heart Wants What It Wants’

Alright so today was a pretty big day for Selena Gomez, she released a new song that kind of opens up the world’s eyes to her tumultuous on and off relationship with Bieber. Now when I was listening to the song, I didn’t know if it was about a happy relationship or a straight up terrible one. I mean the recording in the beginning was pretty interesting basically saying that Justin would do dumb shit and really hurt poor little Gomez. Turn the tables around and make her feel crazy, no no Biebs.

After listening to this song again, I have decided that I absolutely love this song. I don’t even care it is about one of the biggest douche bags in the country, no in the world, this song is straight fire. This is the first time I have actually liked Selena’s singing voice.

You see I have a theory about Selena, it goes back to the whole Christina and Britney thing from over a decade ago. I think that Demi Lovato has the better voice, like Christina did, but Selena has just a little bit more of the whole it factor, like Britney did. Nothing to do with the song, just a little insight on how I feel about Selena as a singer all together.

Today Selena also went on air with Ryan Seacrest  and opened up about the Jelena relationship. Below are a few quotes I found pretty interesting.

“Everybody wants to form their own opinions anyway. I think the biggest problem I had this year — even with [Justin] and on his side — is identity,” she said about her back-and-forth relationship. “I was trying to figure out what I’m doing, and that was the first time I was constantly being kicked down for doing that. When I didn’t know, I just wanted to say, ‘This is what I want, this is where I am in my professional life, things changed in my personal life, things changed in my heart — everything.’ And people just thought, ‘Alright, this is what we think.’ And yeah, I made some decisions that weren’t great as well, and so did he and that’s why we went through all that to only make us better. And he has heard [the song] and he has seen the video, and it’s something that I feel like girls need hear, and it’s something I’m willing to share with people.” – (See more at: http://www.ryanseacrest.com/2014/11/06/selena-gomez-talks-new-single-and-justin-bieber-im-upset-when-hes-upset/#sthash.QDANQTCv.dpuf)
Now I genuinely have no idea if this means that Selena and Justin are broken up or together but I have a bit of advice for Selena. Distance yourself from him. Don’t talk about him too much or anything like that. People hate Bieber, there for people will most likely start to dislike you for no reason. Transference of feelings or something like that.
Bravo on the song though, it is straight fire.

Have Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber Broken Up Again?

Personally I am sick of writing about this couple but today I saw the video posted above and I died laughing. Apparently Selena has been tweeting a whole bunch of stuff about how God is her one and only, or something like that. People were starting to question their relationship again after Bieber was spotted out with Selena’s mortal enemy Kendall Jenner and then Selena posted a picture with Miranda Kerr, basically the reason that Orlando punched Justin. Oh and Selena unfollowed the Biebs in Instagram which is the ultimate slap in the face, right? Especially now to unfollow someone, you might as well stab them in the heart.

Anyway this video was posted today from someone who happened to be at the Saint Martin airport at the exact same time that Selena and Justin were there to catch their flight to Paris. Well you can see Selena storm in and basically throws her purse down in a fit of anger before she just stands there looking at the van that Bieber was sitting in. He stays in there for a solid three minutes before exiting, walking right by Selena and go his gate. She follows behind but there is absolutely no interaction.

So let’s be real, does anyone even care about these two anymore? I have come to the conclusion that neither will ever have a serious comeback, especially not Bieber, he is done for. Nick Jonas is what is hot right now, Bieber you are old ass news!  Selena there is still a tiny sliver of hope left for you.

Justin Bieber Posts Then Deletes New Selena Gomez Photo

Honestly does anyone even care about these two anymore? That is my main question, I am simply writing about it because I hope it gets my page a few extra hits together. The world is very aware that these two are losing the careers that they once had. People can say no, no, no but there is no way either of them will ever hit the high that they were just at.

According to sources this picture was taken after a bible study that they went to together then left together. You know for a while I was feeling for Selena Gomez, people made it out like Bieber was a bad influence on her and took advantage of her naive nature. Let me be clear, homegirl knows exactly what she is doing right now. 

If I have any advice for Selena Gomez I would say to fucking stop going back out with Beiber and looking stupid. This guy is running around making out with everyone in Spain then hanging out with the Jenner girls that you don’t like any more. You just look like a fool.

Their relationship is no longer cute and innocent like it was when they first started to date. It is becoming a never ending cycle of what looks like PR to make them both look better. Bieber is at bible study after being told he needs to attend like 100 hours of anger management class, yeah that isn’t a coincidence at all.

Yes Bieber fans I am ready for you to hate me but take a moment and step back. Would you want to go out with a guy hwo has publicly embarrassed you on multiple occasions?

Selena Gomez Just Can’t Quit Justin Bieber


There is just no quit in this couple that everyone is oh so sick of at this point. Over the weekend Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were both spotted at Coachella wearing ridiculous outfits and being affectionate. Thanks to TMZ these few pictures were snapped to show the encounter.

I am going to say that Selena is heading down that exact same slippery slope that Bieber is sliding down at record speeds. Obviously in her speech she said that you are who you hang out with .Yeah that speech that happened two weeks ago at the WE day thing he did. Well it looks like she is a pot smoking, stripper loving, disrespectful little boy. Yup, Selena you said it so I am just making sure everyone is aware.

Since we all know that Selena went to rehab for like 9 days or some shit like this judging by the pictures it isn’t working. Now for legal reasons I can’t say that she is high or drunk in these pictures but I can say she is having trouble keeping her eyes open. Maybe the lights from the concerts were bright, right? Yeah that was probably it.

Anyway these two are a toxic little couple showing tweens that love them how not to be in a relationship. They don’t know the difference though.

I am going to say that soon we will find out many dirty little secrets about Selena now that she just completely dropped her parents as her managers. Just saying.

Selena Gomez Can’t Quit Justin Bieber Even After Rehab



TMZJustin Bieber and Selena Gomez are back at it again — eyewitnesses tell TMZ, the on-off-on-off-again couple has been canoodling all morning in Texas … hitting up a Starbucks together and a local breakfast joint. Selena Instagrammed the Starbucks photo about 15 minutes ago — and sources inside the Starbucks tell us Selena was there with Bieber in the last hour. Bieber and Selena were also spotted leaving a place called Royal Perfume. Sources inside the store tell us, Bieber bought 2 colognes (Obsession by CK and Pour Homme by Givenchy).

Can you even imagine what Selena Gomez’s camp is going through right now? The girl went to rehab and they basically blamed it on Bieber and here she is with him again. Now they can say they are just friends or whatever but it isn’t a good look for her. Homegirl you went to rehab and your management blamed him! Right now people are going to say you are smoking, drinking, and back to sleeping with the Biebs.

Not really much else to say other than Selena is starting to look both desperate and stupid after this little move.


Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Romance: Real or Fake?


So most people kneow that recently Justin posted this picture of him and Selena on Instagram with the caption “Love the way you look at me” or something like that. Something that he will inevitably put into a song and hope that people start to give it attention and speculate if it is about Selena or not. That simple.

So the question that I have, is this romance real or is it fake? I have a lot of opinions on this and I am going to share it with you!

This relationship is 100% a publicity stunt, it has to be. Let’s see, Selena has said in multiple interviews that she doesn’t like egotistical guys anymore, that she isn’t looking for a relationship. Also I doubt if Selena, Ms.Squeaky Clean herself wants to be seen with a guy who has clearly been going down a bad path. You see, this is what whoever their PR people want people to see though since Bieber’s movie Believe BOMBED at the box office in the US.

The powerhouse that Bieber once had it obviously gone, people are sick of seeing this spoiled kid act like he is better than everyone. What will bring him down a notch? Put him back with his ex-girlfriend who he cried about in the movie. Make him look like he was just heartbroken and that was why he was acting like a spoiled punk. I mean Gomez trashed him on David Letterman laughing about how she made him cry and he still takes her back? He trashed her best friend T.Swift and she takes him back? I don’t think so. There has to be some kind of spin on this.

Maybe it is because they are both losing their shine, put them back together and maybe they can be powerhouses again? I don’t think so. I would also like to point out that Justin posted this picture, clearly they are just trying to get girls to love him again. If Selena loves him I should too? That kind of mentality. I see you Scooter Braun, you don’t fool me!