NSYNC Hints At Reunion For SNL 40 Show

So there have been rumblings that this is going to happen tomorrow night on the SNL 40 year anniversary bash. We all know that Justin has hosted the show five times now, so why not bring them all back, right? This all started, well basically today after NSYNC’s offical Twitter sent out this tweet.

Now the last time their twitter was really buzzing was back in 2013 when Justin Timberlake had them do a small reunion for the VMAs.

Listen, I am a Backstreet Girl through and through. I will defend their honor as if they went to battle for my family, but there is a part of me that is excited for this. I hope it is true. There is really no way that this wouldn’t happen, right? Of course this is the first time the media has really gotten anything but look at that tweet. This has to be true.

Let’s hope that this reunion is longer than 30 seconds too because that VMA reunion was a joke.

I will say that I am glad Justin is finally owning up to his boy band days after years and years of trying to act like he wasn’t a blonde haired kid with a huge afro dancing and singing “Bye bye bye”.